Monday, July 14, 2008

Our "mini" vacation

We had such a fun time this weekend. We rented a hotel in SLC and went to Lagoon and the Planetarium. We have never been to either one together, sad huh!

On Friday, we went to the planetarium. The kids had great time "walking on the moon & mars", hefting the meteors, seeing how much they weighed on other planets, making eclipses, and playing with the interactive sculpture. Then my family humored me and went to the IMAX movie "Deep Sea 3D." I tried to tell them that I was really interested in the ocean, but they decided that the only reason I wanted to go to that particular one is because Johnny Depp was the narrator. (Um, have I ever told you that I think Johnny Depp is a little sexy? OK, REALLY HOT!!!) Yep, it was a good movie! No, really, I think it was worth the $40 to watch my kids try to catch the fish that were "swimming" towards them! We got to see all sorts of interesting deep sea creatures, and the 3D thing was cool as well. Pyper "caught" some coral eggs for us to plant at home, and Hannah jumped when the squid squished in her direction! We went back to the hotel and rented a movie to watch. We are all Veggie Tales fans at our house. It started with Bug, she loved them when she was little. So, we watched "The Pirates That Don't Do Anything" and laughed our guts out! It was cute, two thumbs up!

On Saturday we headed out for LAGOON. I am sad to say that the only one of my kids who has ever been is Hannah, and she went for about 2 hours for the DARE day. Sad! They were all super excited, ad could not stop talking about all the roller coasters they were going to ride. Even Bugga. The first thing that they wanted to ride was the old white roller coaster. Since I LOVE roller coasters, I was happy to go with them. Hannah and Seth were the "braver" ones, so they didn't want to ride with me! I got to ride with Bug.

Things were great, until we went down the first hill! She went white as a sheet, her eyes were about popping out of her head. She survived 2 more hills before she screamed (the people in front of us turned around!) "I have just decided, I DO NOT LIKE ROLLER COASTERS!!!" I have to admit, I chuckled, still am! We rode the nice calm train next!

My son, on the other hand is a roller coaster nut! He rode "Wicked" 3 times, and would have went more if the line wasn't so long! He rode with his dad the first time, in the back seat. Then he had to see if I was brave enough to go with him. We got the front seat. It was awesome!

Yep, it goes straight up, then straight down and then it does this corkscrew thing, and a couple of sideways loops. I screamed, Seth said "Holy Crap." They had to peel the lady next to us from her seat, I don't think that she will forgive her daughter for about 100 years! Hannah wouldn't ride til right before we left for the day. It took bribing her with $100 if she got off the ride and could honestly say she hated it. I got to go with her as well, so did Seth. (I told you he was a maniac!) We did the straight up/down, and Hannah looked at me with the HUGEST grin on her face and said, "This is AWESOME!" She didn't get the $100. Sunday morning she woke up and said, "Dad, can we go back to LAGOON so I can ride Wicked again?"

They rode the water slides at Lagoona Beach and loved it. They were sad that the water park closed earlier than the park. Pyper was a turkey and didn't like the water. This could have had something to do with the fact that she hadn't had a nap for two days! So, her and I rented a tube and floated around, and around, and around, and around get the idea...the little float river. My feet were ice cubes, and I think they are STILL puckered, but at least she liked it! Oh, the things a mom will do to keep a kid happy. I was actually hoping she would fall asleep, but alas, no.

Bug didn't have a favorite part. She "just liked it all. But NOT THE ROLLER COASTER! That was scary." I think we may have scarred her for life!

We all had a SUPER FUN vacation, and decided that there were so many things we didn't get to do that we need another "mini" vacation! There is the Children's museum, Thanksgiving Point, Red Butte Gardens, Hogle Zoo, and so many other things just waiting to be explored!


Laura and Dustin said...

I am so jealous!! I want to come on the next mini vacation!! The planetarium (I know that I did not spell that right!) sounds like it was a lot of fun-ecspecially the Johnny Depp bonus!

The Real Life of M&E said...

That sounds like a great mini-vacation!! I'm jealous!