Thursday, March 27, 2014

A book report

I have a funny story about my Pyper...

Her class does book reports every few months. In an effort to keep them interesting for the kids, her teacher comes up with fun ideas for them to present the books they read. This one was my favorite so far.  The kids each had to read a biography of their choosing, and then they had to find 10 facts from their book. On the day of the book report, they got to dress up as the person they chose, read the facts, and see if the class could guess who they were.

Pyper thought for a long while about who she'd like to read about. We talked about people like Betsy Ross, Sacagawea and Rosa Parks. Aunt Kari said she had books about Amelia Earhart she could borrow. Her friends chose people like J.K. Rowling and Queen Elizabeth (seriously, what little girl doesn't want to dress up like a queen for school?).  After about a week and a half of deliberation, she came home from school with her book.  Who did she choose?

Why, Christopher Columbus of course!  We read the book, and chose the facts.  I was a little worried that she'd be disappointed that she had chosen a boy.  We made her costume, complete with a spy glass. It's amazing what you can make with an empty drink cup, a toilet paper roll, hot glue, and silver spray paint!  The night before the big day, we made sure everything was laid out for the next morning, and decided to just put her hair in a bun instead of cut it off. ( I may have had to remind her that if we cut it short "like a boy", it would be like that for a long while before it grew back. Luckily, she decided that wasn't a great idea and a bun would suffice.)  I usually have to wake her up in the mornings for school, but this day she was up and dressed before my alarm went off. We fixed her hair, she ate breakfast, and then we snapped some pictures.

 She came home after school and said, "Mom, we must have done a really good job on my costume. Some of the kids guessed who I was right when I walked in to my class!"  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

For the past few years, I have made Valentines for my kids. The first year I did it, I had found these really cute ones on a crafty blog. I was bored and needed a project. So, I decided to make them and never thought any more about it. Note: DO NOT start this unless you are prepared to do it every year! My kids thought it was the coolest thing, and now they help me make them.  Since Pyper is the only one in Elementary school now, I figured my job would be easy. We decided to make minions out of twinkies. Then Lyra decided she needed some, and so did Hannah. So, we made a minion army, and bought out all the Twinkies at Lee's and Walmart! (I think every mom in the valley decided to make minions as well!)  So, six boxes of Twinkies later, we had this...

These were actually just a small portion of them, since our pile kept falling over!  They were fun to make.

Usually the kids make their Valentine boxes at school. Would you believe we've never had to make them at home before?  But this year, Pyper's class decided to have a competition with their boxes.  We made a Rapunzel tower. 

After school we had a fancy fondue dinner! We all ate until we were about to burst and it was lots of fun!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


For the last little bit, we've had David's nephew Boyde,  his wife Trish, and their baby Suzy staying with us. Suzy is quite the character, and we have lots of fun with her.  Tonight we had soup for dinner and had limes to squeeze in it. Suzy REALLY wanted a lime wedge, so we gave her one.  It was really quite funny! And she just kept eating them!  I think this was the second one she ate, but every time she pulled the same faces.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Temple Square

On Saturday, Hannah, Seth, and Bugga went to Temple Square with the Young Men and Young Women.  Pyper was really curious, and wanted to go too. Then it hit me that I don't think she'd ever been to see the lights. David's nephew Boyde, his wife Trish, and their baby Suzy were staying with us for a few weeks. Trish had never been to see them either, since she's from Montana. So, we loaded up in Boyde's suburban and off we went to see the lights!  It was so cold, and very crowded, but lots of fun! Pyper loved it, and that's what counts!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. I love making costumes, and making dinner to gross out my kids. This year we had...

 Hannah as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

 Lyra as a 50's gal (the sad part is that she found that skirt at my mom's house. I made and wore it to my best friend's Sweet 16 party when I was 15!)

 Seth as Dr. Who (Eleventh Doctor, in case you cared)

 And Pyper went as the Lady of the Wood from Lord of the Rings. 

Dinner didn't disappoint.  I made a brain with crackers (it was just shrimp dip!), earwax q-tips (marshmallows with butterscotch then stuck on sucker sticks), Zombie hands (meatloaf in hand shapes and mashed potatoes), and Ghoul's eyes (sausage balls with olives and pepperonis), and blood punch (juice with ginger ale and pureed berries). It served it's purpose and grossed us all out! But it was actually pretty tasty also!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah's birthday (17, how did THAT happen?) started EXTREMELY early. Like 4:30 am early, did you know 4:30 happens more than once a day? She has been going to Bridgerland for Cosmetology this year in school. The only problem is that program is only offered at the Brigham campus. So she gets to drive to Brigham every day. And she doesn't have enough credit hours to take Seminary during the day, which means that she has to take early morning Seminary. That starts at 6:15 am.   Birthday breakfast in bed is a tradition at our house.  It was so early her eyes wouldn't stay open for a picture! 

We also met in Logan for lunch after school when she was on her way to Bridgerland.  She wanted sushi, which was great by me, but not so much by her dad!  We had a great time teasing her about the waiter (who would have been quite attractive had I been a 17 year old girl) and eating our sushi, that we got to enjoy a LOT of since all the rolls were half price that day!  She also got  fried ice cream for her birthday dessert.

Happy Birthday my Hannah, I love you!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Girl Power!

While David is gone, Hannah is borrowing a car from one of his workers to get her back and forth to school.  Yesterday, it wouldn't start. She left the lights on while visiting Grandma Charlene at work, and it killer her battery. I jumped it for her, but when we got it home it wouldn't start again. After a little time on the phone with David, we decided that it was probably the battery cable that was bad. He was coming home for Hannah's birthday in a couple of days. He told us we could wait for him, or try and change it ourselves. We decided to try it ourselves. AND WE DID IT! The nice guys at O'Reilly even made the right cable for us, since the original is a dealer only part. 4 hours, $30, and greasy hands later the car starts right up!