Thursday, August 20, 2015

School Days 2015

School started. We took pictures. Here they are.

 Seth 10th grade. He went to high school this year. He said he didn't even get lost!

Lyra 8th grade. She went to Junior High. She says she did get lost, and forgot where her locker was. Knowing my Bug, I wasn't surprised!

 Pyper 5th grade. This is her last year in elementary school, she's a pro.

They all said they had a great day. Seth made a couple of new friends. Lyra got to see all of her old friends. And Pyper had some friends in her class this year that weren't last year.  Here's to another year!

Also, it's really weird not to have a picture of Hannah! She's all growed up now! *sniff*

Thursday, June 4, 2015

She made it!

After 12 long years, Hannah made it! She graduated on May 28,2015 at 3 pm in the Spectrum. So far, she says she doesn't feel any different. I bet when everyone but her goes back to school in August, she may feel it then.

Here she is, just after the processional march in. She's on the last row of people sitting down, middle of the closest row, looking at the camera.

 Here she is while they read her name for her diploma. We celebrated the moment with an air-horn and lots of cheering! (Funny side story...They asked us beforehand to "keep the applause to a minimum during the reading of the names. Hannah texted me and said, "you are going to cheer loud aren't you?" We did!)

 Grandma Charlene, Hannah, Grandpa Brent

 Hugs from Grandpa Brent

 Hannah and her friends who came for the momentous occasion
Tori, Megan, Hannah, Shawn, Devin

Hannah and Devin

Way to go my Hannah! We are so proud of you!

Senior Pictures

We had a cute gal in our ward take Hannah's senior pictures. (Her name is Sandy Degasser, you can check out her work here.) Hannah, Lyra, and I had so much fun. There were laughs and silliness, and the rain held out just long enough for us to get some great pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

This face is so classic Hannah!

There were so many cute ones.If you go to the portraits section of Sandy's website you can see them all!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My own private concert

This girl asked me to find the sheet music for Little Drummer Boy and Christmas Canon. Then she gave me my own private Christmas Concert. I love to hear her play. Both of these were just the first time she'd played them. I think she did pretty well!

Little Drummer Boy

Christmas Canon (this one doesn't sound much like the song. It's written for a full orchestra, and this is just the violin part.)

Santa Pictures

Just the obligatory Santa pictures from our family Christmas party.





Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Concerts

This year Pyper decided to follow Bugga's footsteps and play the violin.  She had her first concert on the 11th. Seth had his concert that night too. Since we've been to his before, and this was Pyper's first, we made him go alone. But don't worry, I have it on good authority that he did awesome as usual! I really do love to listen to him play his clarinet, and it makes me happy that these kiddos have musical talent. I always wished I had chosen to play an instrument! Anyway, back to Pyper's concert!  They played a few selections to show off their budding skills. It's been fun to watch her learn to play. (And I don't even wish for earplugs all that often!)  Pardon the shaky videos, I'm no cinematographer!

She reminded me as I dropped her off for practice that I couldn't forget her flowers! She got Whoppers, too! (Her dad rocks!)

Then on the 18th, Lyra had her orchestra concert. I really love to hear Lyra play. She's getting quite good. It's not uncommon for her to come home and ask me to find music for a certain song that her teacher has told her to try and play.  For her concert, she was supposed to play in a duo at the beginning of the concert. Then she decided to get bronchitis and miss a week of school, which is when she was supposed to learn to play the song. So,that didn't happen, but maybe next time!

It's a blurry picture, but I do love her bright blue violin. Besides making it easy to pick her out from the crowd, it suits her personality so well!

It's fun to see how much better these kids get from year to year!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wisdom Teeth

Hannah got her wisdom teeth out on Friday, all four of them.  Today she's a little sore, but doing quite well. But, she did provide us with quite a bit of entertainment while she was sedated!  She made me come back and sit with her, then she decided I needed to take some videos of her. In the first one she thought it was really funny that her face was numb before she got her teeth out.

These ones were after she had her teeth out, while we were waiting for Lyra and Pyper to be finished with their appointments.  In this first one she decided she wanted mac and cheese and pudding for lunch. It was VERY important to her for me to take a video of her telling me what she wanted.So, I obliged. Of course, it was purely since she wanted me to, not to give myself something to laugh at later. (These two videos may or may not still be on my phone. I may or may not have watched them almost a hundred times, and laugh every single time!)

Then she was very upset because her tongue wasn't very long. It wouldn't stick out very far. I tried to explain to her that it just felt short because her face was numb, but she wouldn't believe me. (As a side note, it was like herding cats trying to get her to walk anywhere!)

I think the funniest part of the day was on the way home. I was driving and didn't get a video of it, but all of a sudden Hannah says, "Oh no!" She was very distraught, so I asked her what was wrong. She said, "I can't find my wisdom teeth!" I reminded her that we just went to the dentist and he took them out. Her reply,"Why would he do that? They were mine, I wanted to keep them and put them on my dresser!" Then she started to cry, and she informed me "I'm crying, and I don't even know why, but I can't stop!"

After we got home, I told her she should have a nap. She told me she wasn't tired, but she would relax in David's chair just to make me feel better.I set her up with some ice for her chipmunk cheeks, and tucked her in. (She was very needy! I'm pretty sure that has NEVER happened, not even when she was little!) Then I went to change the laundry from the washer to the dryer and came back in to find this...

Yep, she wasn't tired at all!