Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crazy Hair Day 2013

These two girlies enjoy crazy hair day as much as I do! I'm glad, then they let me do lots of fun stuff...mostly...

This gal is most definitely a creature of habit. Last year we put a cup in her hair, so this year she wanted the same thing. I should have taken a side view of her though. Her hair is REALLY long and there was quite a bit left hanging after the cup was in, so we used some elastics and made some little bouncy bits sticking off the top.  (Like that short bit there in the front? Yeah, apparently 2nd graders still think it's fun to lop off their hair at school with their friends. Then their moms have to use exorbitant amounts of hairspray to stick the short parts into place and sometimes it just doesn't stay anyway...)

Bugga informed me that morning that we had to "do something really cool". She actually wanted big spikes like Hannah had, but since that requires excessive amounts of Elmer's Glue (which I didn't have), she settled for the ol' pipe cleaners in her hair trick that we've used before. It was similar to what she wanted in the first place though, so she was happy! She told me after school that her teacher told her she was excited to see how her hair looked, "because you always have the best crazy hair!" Lyra was pretty happy about that! I just hoped that she didn't impale any unsuspecting students!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Seth got a laptop of his own for Christmas. He likes to play Minecraft. He was up playing late tonight while David and I were watching TV. We were getting ready to head to bed and told him to put it away when we found he'd fallen asleep while playing. Maybe it's time to stage an intervention?

Friday, January 18, 2013


Our Arizona cousins came for a visit this week. All the kids went sledding, even Evona. Pyper had a hard time staying on her sled. It was fun! 

The End.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Silly puppy...

Evona makes me laugh. Sometimes she decides she needs to be tucked in a blanket but no one will tuck her in, so she does it herself!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

For Grandma Schaneveldt...

Last night, the kiddos decided that they wanted to use their gift certificates to the Jump Zone. We had never been before, so none of us knew what they were in for. As per their request, I took some videos of them and am posting them here specifically so Grandma-Great can see how much fun they had! They also say "Thanks Grandma, we love you!"

I mashed all the video's into one...