Friday, August 29, 2008

Remember when...

...I said I HATED technology?
For the last 4 days my Internet hasn't worked. It was REALLY slow (as in would still be loading a page after 2 hours), would only download parts of the pages that it wanted to, and none of others. It didn't matter what I did, I virus scanned--nothing; I defragmented--nothing; I cleaned the registry--nothing (OK, that DID make it do nothing a little faster); I called the ISP and they checked it out--nothing; Leslie's computer geek (although very nice) dad came over and looked at it and he probably helped the most--he said nothing was wrong with my computer!
I then decided that I would do the only thing I know how to do, I unplugged every wire that I could and plugged it back in--and TAAADAAA I FIXED IT! Yay! WOOHOO! I can blog again, I was seriously going through withdrawals!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another "Pyperism"

On Saturday, we went to finish up some school shopping, mostly to get shoes for Hannah for gym. (Thanks for the crowd control help Les!) My girls are ADDICTED to shoe shopping, even the youngest. While Hannah was trying on tennis shoes she was trying on some stylish size 10, red, break-your-neck-high heels.

She also had them on the wrong feet. As she was clomping around, she kept on stumbling. She realized just what girls go through for beauty and said, "Whoa, dis is harwder dan I sought it was goin to be!"

Sometimes this girl just cracks me up!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School--YAY!

Today is the first day of school for my kids. They were all super excited, and quite frankly, so am I! (OK, so I told a fib just now, Pyper is not excited that her kids are going to school.)

I promised Hannah that when she went to sixth grade (gasp) she could wear makeup to school. When we went school shopping we stopped in at Bath and Body Works and got her some body spray, then ordered some makeup online, got her a purse, and she got contacts. Here she is in all her makeuped, perfumed, glasses-less, middle school glory.
After painting Bug's fingernails and toenails, and making them both brush their teeth-twice-in an effort to stall them (They could not leave for school, which starts at 9, at 7:30), I decided to take these yayhoots photos. I took about 20 of them, yep, wasting more time. This was my favorite. Bug even let me curl her hair! Trust me, it won't happen again for awhile. She has informed me that she is a "tomboy."And this is what Pyper looked like when her kids left her standing in the yard. "I wants to go to scoowow too!" And if I have to hear "Why did my kids go wisout me?" for the rest of the day... It's a good thing that Hannah gets home at 2, that is only 5 hours! Maybe we will go get ice cream! A side note--Look a post with ALL my kids!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Common Words Test

Leslie called me this morning and said I had to do a little blog stalking to take this test. So, I have stolen this from her sis' blog, but it was interesting--and A LOT harder than you would expect! It is just a quiz to see how many of the 100 most common words you know. (or in my case guess!) I would be ashamed to say this, but I already know that Leslie and her sis also did poorly, I only got 37 of the 100 words. If you want to try click here, it was interesting! Then leave a comment and let me know how you did!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Last Fair And The Sad Event!

This weekend was the kidlets and my last fair of the season. We all had so much fun. We got to take along Jasmine and Micheal for the whole week! All the kids had such fun playing together. It is kind of bittersweet for us as they, along with their mom and dad Amy and Jared, are going to be moving to Orem in a couple of weeks. Our girls have been friends since they were born, and Micheal is just a year older than Seth. We never got to see them as much as either of us would have liked, but at least we knew they were just a 20 minute drive away!

Anyway, the kids had mounds of fun, sleeping in the tent outside the camper (I am NOT crazy enough to let 6 kids sleep inside!) and telling spooky stories til all hours of the morning! On Saturday, Grandma Sue brought up our cousin Alanda, who coincidentally also lives in Orem! Her and Bugga were nearly inseparable, even Pypee had fun with her (She had to sleep "wis Ayanda". I think she was just happy to get to sleep in the tent--I made her sleep in the camper!) Sue's kids Brian (Alanda's dad) and Jenny also came up and spent the night. AND Uncle Dustin was there helping to fix lights on the Roll-O-Plane! It was definitely crowded, there were people everywhere! You were lucky if you could find a place to sleep! It was fun, though. A great "Last Hoorah" for me and the kids!

Now on to the Sad Event... Uncle Dustin drove MY (notice I said MY) suburban to Montpelier. Now, many of you have seen my suburban, but for those who haven't let me just fill you in. It is OLD, an '84, almost the size of a small tank, needs major TLC, and was a surprise gift from someone that I really care about. I love this vehicle, I don't really know why. Ask my husband and kids whose car it is and they will tell you "Mom's." A few of David's friends have mistakenly called it "his truck," only to be informed that "it is my wife's truck!" Anyway, as I said, Uncle Dustin drove it to Montpelier for us so I could haul all 927 kids home...And some DORK pulled out in front of him! Yep, he crashed my beloved truck! Dustin called me to ask me to send David down, he had just wrecked my truck. I almost cried! David went down and surveyed the damages, and called me to tell me they thought it was totalled. Then I did cry! I think that they reassessed the damages so that they wouldn't have to see me hysterical, but it was a good thing they did! Dustin thought that the frame was bent, but upon further inspection, found that it wasn't. Now, I just need a new fender, grill, headlight (which is broken and STILL WORKS!!), and bumper. Yay!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh my Hannah...

I went with Hannah this morning to register for school. I am having issues! She is going to middle school this year, and I can't believe it. She has a locker, different teachers, and an a la carte line at lunch. *sigh* I just can't believe that it is finally here, although I shouldn't REALLY be surprised. After all, she is only about an inch shorter than me and that's if I stand up super tall! She has called all her friends to see if they have any classes together, and got mad at me because I made her sign up for the PTSA under the guise of "I get discounts on stuff if you do." (I am secretly hoping that she will get involved at school and make some NEW friends, but don't tell her that!)

Then, to top it all off, I took her for an eye exam this afternoon and SHE GOT CONTACTS! This is fine, except that this also means she is getting older. And as everyone knows, I AM NOT READY FOR THAT YET!!!!

At least she doesn't have a boyfriend...yet...

Monday, August 11, 2008

This is what happens...

When the three year old finds an unattended camera phone...

Her Majesty

Pyper and I were filling up some bags of candy for the fishing pond one day. I would fill them, and she would put them into the pool for the kids to fish out. She looked at me with all seriousness as I handed her a bag and said, "Mommy, you need to say 'hew, you majesty' and I wiw say 'Thank you royaw hiness'!" We spent the next ten minutes royally filling bags...her as Your Majesty and me as Royal Highness! Yep, too many princess movies!

Catch with Dad!

Seth has been begging his Dad to play catch with him for a while now. Our Dad doesn't do sports unless it consists of snow or paint, so he has been putting it off for as long as he could. He caved and played catch (and had fun!), and I thought that Seth was so funny. He was trying so hard to get it right and pulling the funniest faces while concentrating. Grandpa Gordon even joined in for a bit, but I had already put away the camera!

Jungle kids

They also had these weeping willow trees at the fairgrounds in Richfield. Someone had woven the branches into this cool swing. So, the kidlets took advantage of it, and I think they look like they are straight out of the jungle!

Seth, the shirtless wonder! Eat your heart out Tarzan!

Hannah, ever the supermodel!

And as always, Pyper and the "cheese" face!

Why is it that I can never have a post with all 4 kids?


After Tooele, we went to Richfield. All I have to say is- Thank heaven for zoom lenses! My DAUGHTERS all held a snake at the reptile show there. Well, actually Bug held 3! (I am not all that surprised about that!) Seth says that he held one as well, but I didn't get to see him.

This was the SECOND time she held this 10 foot snake. She was mad, she wanted to hold the head and got the tail!I am wondering what sort of a fashion statement this is! I was surprised that this girlie girl held the snake, AND LIKED IT!!

This is my little snake charmer. Can you believe she asked for a pet snake? In MY house? Um, NO!!

Pyper was not quite as sure about this snake as her sisters were, I knew I liked this kid! Please note that I WAS a good mom and came to watch them hold the snake. I even took photos! But man, I sure am glad that my camera has a 12x zoom! I wasn't NEARLY as close as these shots look!

The BEST Day Of Pyper's Life!

We went to ANOTHER fair, this one in Tooele. While we were there, some special visitors came to the fair...Dora the Explorer and Minnie Mouse! Pyper was SO EXCITED to meet Dora. Just in case you don't know, this girl is a Dora maniac! She goes through withdrawals if she doesn't get to watch Dora.She is in heaven. I think that she would've followed Dora around all day if I let her!Then Dora and Minnie rode our scrambler! (It was pretty funny to watch them hold their "heads" on!) Pyper stood and waved each time Dora came around. It was too funny! After they left, she informed me that "Dora had to go home to Mami and Papi."
I also found that I have a vampire for a son. Maybe he is just looking for his "Bella." I must say that I think he is handsome!