Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mom of the year

On  Thursday May 30, Lyra fell out of a tree, it was about 3 feet tall. She was goofing around with a couple of her friends at the park. She complained that her arm hurt. I told her to buck up. She tends to be a bit of a hypochondriac at times and doesn't do pain well. When we got home, she was still complaining that it hurt. (In my defense, lest you think I am a terrible mother, she only seemed to complain about it if she was sitting around bored. It didn't effect her ability to play or be crazy in the slightest!) I wrapped her arm, dug out a sling that was laying around, and gave her some painkiller.  It seemed to help, and she quit complaining.  Until Saturday, when she fell again while chasing people around at Pyper's baptism. So, I gave her more painkillers.  Then on Sunday morning she was almost in tears because it hurt so bad. (This isn't unusual either. She had had a late night, an early morning, and a big day the day before. She doesn't function well on little sleep.)  I told her she could stay home from church and rest, and if it still hurt, we'd go to the Instacare when I got home. (I had to go teach Primary.)  Sure enough, after a nap and more painkillers, it still hurt. We loaded her up and went to the Instacare. Wouldn't you know it, it was broken! The nurse at the Instacare delighted in giving me a bad time.

Nurse: When did she fall?
Me: Thursday
Nurse: And you are just now bringing her in. (She was good-natured about it, and I could tell she was teasing or I might have been offended!)
Me: Yeah, I'm a GOOD mom.

Then she asked Lyra when she last ate. Keep in mind that it was about 2 in the afternoon now, and I had told Lyra to have some breakfast while we were at church since she was having a hard time getting going that morning.  Lyra informed her that she hadn't eaten yet today.

Nurse: So, you don't feed her either?
Me: Nah. Wouldn't want to ruin my image!

Then she took her temperature and she had a fever to boot! I'll tell you, I felt pretty bad!  They wanted to give her some ibuprofen, but wouldn't on an empty stomache. So the sweet nurse brought in a bucket full of snacks and a Gatorade for her. She loaded her up with Oreos, Cheese-its, Doritos, and Lorna Doones, and a dose of ibuprofen!

The doctor came in, and said she was pretty sure it was broken...right on the growth plate. She referred us to an orthopedist, and they splinted her up and off we went. We couldn't get in to the other doctor til Thursday. So it had been a whole week since she fell.

Sure enough, it was fractured. Luckily, it was just a small break, and it didn't go all the way through, so we don't have to worry about all that stuff that can happen with broken growth plates. She picked an orange cast.

It lasted for two whole weeks before it started to come apart. We went back today and they changed it for a purple one. The Physician's  Assistant who put it on was flabbergasted. "I've never seen a cast fall apart quite this badly before."  He did an EXTRA good job on this one so that hopefully it will last the remaining 2 weeks! 

And I only had to have minimal amounts of therapy to get over my mom of the year moment! :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thanks Harlie...

for having a birthday so we could all go swimming!

Pyper even jumped off the diving board...twice! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A spoiled pooch

On our way to Newton Dam, we passed the Rainbow Snow. Now if your geography skills are good, you'll be confused...we were in Logan before heading to Newton Dam. It was hot out, so we stopped.

Hannah and Bug played waitresses and ordered and delivered all our Rainbow Snows. (Do you like Bug's mustache?)

Pyper rocked the Fu-man-chu 'stache from the quarter machine while she waited!

Our doggie is just a bit spoiled, and a bit of a diva...in case you weren't aware.  So, we did what any pet owners would do and bought her a Rainbow Snow as well! It was quite funny actually! She loves Otter Pops, Popsicles, Snow Cones, and the like. Green is her favorite flavor, it's usually green apple. She will eat other colors, but gets excited for the green ones.  She was sitting on my lap as I was passing out the Rainbow Snows as Hannah handed them through the window.  I handed Seth and Pyper theirs...blue. Evona sat on my lap. I handed David his, blue as well. Evona sat on my lap not even trying to move. Hannah handed me the green one for Evona. As soon as it was through the window, before I could even say anything, this happened... 

She didn't bother the other blue, or the orange and red Rainbow Snows that Hannah handed me after! We all laughed pretty hard about it! 

Free Fishing Day

Today was Free Fishing Day in Utah and Idaho. We decided to head over to Newton Dam (or Newton Reservoir or Newton Lake, depending on which sign you see!) where a couple of friends were camping and try our hand at fishing. We invited Aunt Loopy and Uncle Dustin and their family along also. The kids had fun fishing, rafting, swimming, and playing. While we didn't catch any fish, we had some yummy food and lots of good company!

 Lyra, Rand, Avie, and Jona swimming

 Lyra, Jona, and Avie

 Pyper and Lyra (it's pretty awesome that her cast is waterproof! Swimming with a cast, who woulda thought!)

 Pyper and Lyra


 Seth and Lyra fishing on the raft~ funny story: Lyra couldn't row well with one arm in a cast. Seth couldn't balance the fishing pole and row. They had a hard time getting out as far as they did! Also, my doggie does not think people should go into the water above their bellies...she won't. So she was running up and down the shore barking and deciding if she needed to go rescue them the whole time they were out there. When they rowed back in, she was the first to check them out and make sure they were still alright!

 Lyra and Seth fishing

 My best dude Seth

 Pyper and Jona

Lyra and Avie

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pyper gets Baptised!

Yesterday Pyper was baptised. I am so very proud of her! 

My good friend Jody volunteered to make her invitations. I absolutely love them! (If anyone needs a graphic designer let me know and I'll give you her number. She does all sorts of things...wedding invitations, birthday invitations, baby announcements, you name it. And she's VERY affordable!) 

We had a fun little photo shoot a couple of weeks ago for the pictures for her invitation. These are some of my favorites. She was adamant that she have her scriptures in her pictures. She has been waiting for a long time to be 8 and get her own scriptures! (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa W.)

Grandma Schvaneveldt made her cute Baptism outfit. I really don't think she knew what she'd started when she made Hannah's so long ago! But my girls have all thought it was really special to be baptised in Grandma-Great's "handiwork".
She had to get "dunked" twice, the only one in the family to have that happen.  

I got to give the talk about Baptism, and Hannah gave the one about The Holy Ghost.

After her baptism, we had a yummy lunch with all of our friends and family.  There were so many people who came to show her how much they love her. Thanks to each one of them! 

One of Pyper's favorite Primary songs is "When I am Baptised". So, I made some rainbow cupcakes.

After lunch there was a load of park playing and Frisbee throwing and general visiting!
Marilyn (she is my best church-friend. We taught Primary and Cub Scouts together for a long while!)
Bryli, Wesley, Mandy
Mason (this picture makes me laugh!)
Lyra, Mason
Mason, Bryli
One crazy Frisbee game

It was a beautiful day, made better by the special circumstances we were all there. Thank you so much to all those who came (or were there in spirit) to make her day so wonderful. She told me that night that it "was the best day!" That makes me happy!