Saturday, June 8, 2013

Free Fishing Day

Today was Free Fishing Day in Utah and Idaho. We decided to head over to Newton Dam (or Newton Reservoir or Newton Lake, depending on which sign you see!) where a couple of friends were camping and try our hand at fishing. We invited Aunt Loopy and Uncle Dustin and their family along also. The kids had fun fishing, rafting, swimming, and playing. While we didn't catch any fish, we had some yummy food and lots of good company!

 Lyra, Rand, Avie, and Jona swimming

 Lyra, Jona, and Avie

 Pyper and Lyra (it's pretty awesome that her cast is waterproof! Swimming with a cast, who woulda thought!)

 Pyper and Lyra


 Seth and Lyra fishing on the raft~ funny story: Lyra couldn't row well with one arm in a cast. Seth couldn't balance the fishing pole and row. They had a hard time getting out as far as they did! Also, my doggie does not think people should go into the water above their bellies...she won't. So she was running up and down the shore barking and deciding if she needed to go rescue them the whole time they were out there. When they rowed back in, she was the first to check them out and make sure they were still alright!

 Lyra and Seth fishing

 My best dude Seth

 Pyper and Jona

Lyra and Avie