Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pyper gets Baptised!

Yesterday Pyper was baptised. I am so very proud of her! 

My good friend Jody volunteered to make her invitations. I absolutely love them! (If anyone needs a graphic designer let me know and I'll give you her number. She does all sorts of invitations, birthday invitations, baby announcements, you name it. And she's VERY affordable!) 

We had a fun little photo shoot a couple of weeks ago for the pictures for her invitation. These are some of my favorites. She was adamant that she have her scriptures in her pictures. She has been waiting for a long time to be 8 and get her own scriptures! (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa W.)

Grandma Schvaneveldt made her cute Baptism outfit. I really don't think she knew what she'd started when she made Hannah's so long ago! But my girls have all thought it was really special to be baptised in Grandma-Great's "handiwork".
She had to get "dunked" twice, the only one in the family to have that happen.  

I got to give the talk about Baptism, and Hannah gave the one about The Holy Ghost.

After her baptism, we had a yummy lunch with all of our friends and family.  There were so many people who came to show her how much they love her. Thanks to each one of them! 

One of Pyper's favorite Primary songs is "When I am Baptised". So, I made some rainbow cupcakes.

After lunch there was a load of park playing and Frisbee throwing and general visiting!
Marilyn (she is my best church-friend. We taught Primary and Cub Scouts together for a long while!)
Bryli, Wesley, Mandy
Mason (this picture makes me laugh!)
Lyra, Mason
Mason, Bryli
One crazy Frisbee game

It was a beautiful day, made better by the special circumstances we were all there. Thank you so much to all those who came (or were there in spirit) to make her day so wonderful. She told me that night that it "was the best day!" That makes me happy!