Thursday, February 26, 2009

We are very boring!

There is not much very new at our house. Yesterday we went skiing, again. Since I am the official "Gordon Family Photographer", Seth reminded me to take my camera. I have already posted pictures of them skiing and they pretty much look the same as last time, so refer back to the last post if you want pictures. I did however take a few videos of the kiddos. Please excuse my cinematography skills, they are lacking!

This is what Pyper did while the kids skied. It was really warm outside. Don't you just love her "Rockstar" glasses?

It was Bug's #1 goal to try and run me over every time she saw me...

Seth showed off his awesome carving skills for me!

And Hannah has this wonderful little twirly style to her boarding (and she wonders why she always gets stuck on the flat parts!)

And...drumroll please...David just got back from the doctor and he is OFFICIALLY un-gimpy now!! WOO HOO!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ski Day

We usually go to Saint George with my family over Presidents day. The kids take the week off school and we go play in the sun. Well, this year SOMEONE broke his ankle and isn't allowed to ride in a car for that long, so we can't go. We were all bummed that we had to miss our vacation, so we decided to do the next best thing, just take a vacation from life around here!

Wednesday we all loaded up in my NEW truck (did I mention that I LOVE it?) along with uncle Dustin and Rand, and headed up to Beaver for a fun day in the snow. Here is a slide show of all our fun...(we did miss Aunt Loopy, and hope she feels better sooner rather than later!)

Then the kids thought they should get today off of school too. So of course I let them, and we went skiing again today! But I didn't take my camera today, sorry!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Weekend

Our very good friends moved to Orem this past fall. We have really missed them, David and I and the kids.

If you remember, my beloved truck (which I will be the first to admit, I have an unnatural love affair with!) got mooshed this past fall as well. I FINALLY decided that it was time to replace it rather than just fix it. I got on and found a bunch of new-to-me Suburbans for sale, and wouldn't you know it, they were all in the Salt Lake area! This gave us just the excuse we needed to make the trip to Orem to visit the Brazier's! We got there late Friday night and were welcomed with a pizza party. What fun! It doesn't get much better than pizza with friends you haven't seen for a long time!

Saturday night Jared and Amy both had to work, so David and I took our kids and Jasmine and Micheal to the mall. (and we lived through it and actually ENJOYED the time we got to spend with them!) The kids all had money that was burning a hole in their pockets, so they went shopping. Then we went to see Coraline in 3D! Oh my gosh, can I just say what a cute movie it was! We all gave it two thumbs up!! We weren't done partying yet, so we took all SIX kids to Sizzler. (I told you we were nuts!) After we had our fill of steak and shrimp, we headed back to the Brazier's for bed.

Sunday we just lazed around and visited. It was a relaxing day. After a yummy dinner we watched movies and played the Wii. We were going to go home on Sunday, but we were having such fun that we stayed another night. We just decided to be bad parents and not make the kiddos go to school on Monday. We played a bit more, said our goodbyes, and took off for home about 5.

It was a fun weekend, and yes, I did get a new-to-me Suburban! I LOVE IT! (but I still miss my old one!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Belated Birthday wish

I had good intentions, and was going to post this yesterday, but life happened and I didn't get to it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandma Charlene! We hope you had a wonderful day, and ate lots of Kari's yummy cake! (You must be pretty special, I thought Red Velvet Cake was a once-a-year treat for Buzz's birthday!)

Grandma Charlene is a wonderful person. She takes her job a s grandma VERY seriously. I am pretty sure that if you asked any of the grand kids who was grandma's favorite, they would all tell you it was them. She knows just how to make each one of them feel special, and she has this wonderful way of making sure that "mom rules" don't apply at her house!

She always makes sure that everyone is included and loves family things as much as Grandpa Brent does! And she always makes sure we are well fed at any function!

Thanks for all you do for us, and for being a part of our lives. We are definitely better people because of you!