Thursday, February 26, 2009

We are very boring!

There is not much very new at our house. Yesterday we went skiing, again. Since I am the official "Gordon Family Photographer", Seth reminded me to take my camera. I have already posted pictures of them skiing and they pretty much look the same as last time, so refer back to the last post if you want pictures. I did however take a few videos of the kiddos. Please excuse my cinematography skills, they are lacking!

This is what Pyper did while the kids skied. It was really warm outside. Don't you just love her "Rockstar" glasses?

It was Bug's #1 goal to try and run me over every time she saw me...

Seth showed off his awesome carving skills for me!

And Hannah has this wonderful little twirly style to her boarding (and she wonders why she always gets stuck on the flat parts!)

And...drumroll please...David just got back from the doctor and he is OFFICIALLY un-gimpy now!! WOO HOO!


The funny facers said...

looks like tons of fun. Hayley watched and said what dat pypey doin? she goona get all snowey! I want to see the video of you going down the hill lol I am sure that would happen about when you see me doing it.

Team Atwood said...

you must be the best mom ever! skipping school to go skiing, not my actvity of choice but, hey, no school.