Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have a number of funny blogs that I check in on when I need a good laugh (or just need to waste a little time!). One of my favorites is The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. I don't know if it is the signs people find, or the blogger's funny comments about each one that keeps me giggling. I had hoped maybe I'd be lucky enough to find a sign with some "unnecessary" quotation marks one of these days, and even MORE of a hope to see it end up on that blog! Well, guess what? I found one, and it made it to the blog! Check it out!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We had a very fun filled weekend this year! Friday night we went to a Halloween party at our old neighbors new house. Cindy and her kids were great neighbors, and we have missed them tons! Through the magic of Facebook (seriously, I LOVE that place!) we reconnected and went to party at their house. We had so much fun! We got to watch our dad come in second in a donut eating contest, and he was against 2 police men! (One of them won, we laughed pretty hard!) The kids also ate donuts off a string, colored pictures for a coloring contest, and just generally had a great time! My camera stayed tucked safely in the car....

Saturday morning Seth had a wrestling tournament. He has really had fun wrestling. They got to go against three different people, and wrestle three matches each time.

This first kid was GOOD!!! It was his 3rd year wrestling.

Seth spent most of his time on the ground. He wasn't having fun! I think he was wondering what he has gotten himself into!

The next kid and Seth were both new to wrestling.

Seth had some good moments....

And he also spent some time on the floor.

The third match up was a good one as well.
Here was Seth's awesome skills...

and here were his challenger's awesome skills. But they were both smiling in the end!

And this one is just because I think it's a cute picture of my Bug!

After the tournament, we hurried home....our good friends the Braziers were coming up to spend the rest of the day with us! Amy and I made a spooky dinner, which consisted of...

A big bowl of Bug Juice to drink,

Monkey Brains, Zombie Eyeballs, and Mummy Toes for the main course,

and Ghoul Eye Pudding for dessert!

Then it was time for the Trick or Treating! We had a pile of kids that went, and they all had a blast and got sacks full of candy!

We had Snow White (no poison apples allowed!)

a vampire

A wizard

and a punk princess.
And here is the group of younger kids just before we left.

And Hannah and Jasmine just before they took off.

After the Trick or Treating we finished up the evening with some scary movies and candy! It was a fun Halloween! Thanks to all our friends for such a good weekend!