Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities!

We had a ton of fun for Halloween this year. I sewed and sewed and am proud to say that I finished all four costumes with a whole day to spare! That is a record for me, I'm usually frantically sewing at 2 am on Halloween. It was so nice to get a full night's sleep that I may try it again next year!  The kids all got to wear their costumes to school, which they thought was awesome. And, once again it made for an easier Halloween. We got them all ready for school in their costumes and then when it came time to Trick or Treat, we just had to touch up their makeup! WHOOT!

Last year we found an edited version of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on television.  Ever since then, Hannah has wanted to dress up as Magenta.  Surprisingly, quite a few kids at school knew who she was.

Seth was Harry Potter. I even crocheted his scarf! It's a step up from the dishrags I normally do! His favorite part of his costume was the wand that actually lit up. He had fun casting a "Lumous" spell!
The front of Bug's skeleton...

...and the back. This was my favorite costume of the year. We just used a freezer paper stencil and dobbed  white paint onto a long-sleeved black t shirt and black leggings. Then we dobbed on some glow in the dark paint. The back of her costume was the best I think!

Once again, Pyper was a fairy tale character, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was pretty excited to get to wear makeup to school!

And for our disgusting Halloween dinner we had...
flesh worms (pork loin wrapped in bacon and baked), bloody monster eyes (stuffed shells in marinara sauce), severed fingers (lil smokies with onion fingernails attached with ketchup "blood"),  witches brew (apple juice with a few drops of green food coloring and some dry ice for a spooky effect), and a kitty litter cake.  The cake was so gross looking. We had a couple of friends join us for dinner, and as David was scooping some cake out for one of them, he about puked. Which means that my gross dinner was a success!

Then we did some Trick or Treating and watched some TV while in our sugar comas! It was a great Halloween!