Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well,... was bound to happen...

I guess you can't have the kids enjoy extreme sports without any injuries! Seth and David went boarding this morning. I got a call about 11 am from David saying that they were pretty sure Seth had broken his wrist. I headed up to get them, and the Ski Patrol had Seth all bandaged up. Off to the ER we went. The Dr. came in and checked him out.

And sure enough it was broken! They splinted him all up and told him to take it easy for the weekend. We have to go back next week and have the cast put on it.

And just in case you were wondering, he said the jump and flip he did when he broke it was "totally awesome" and he even asked the Dr. if he could still board. They told him yes, but not til his cast is on! What a kid...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow and the Flying Tomato

Friday David and I decided that we were tired of being in the valley and wanted to do something. We hooked up the camper (yes, we realize it is winter), dropped Lyra and Pyper off at Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's, and headed out to see the... the Park City Mountain Resort. This was the last stop on the tour, and the Olympic team was announced Saturday.

On Friday we bundled up and headed up to the resort.

It was cold and snowy, but we were all pretty excited to be there. The half pipe was HUGE!! It looks big on TV, but it is even bigger in person! We saw some of this... a bunch of different people. It was amazing to see how much air they caught!

And then came...

...HIM! The Flying Tomato, Strawberry Candy, my kids' HERO....Shawn White.

He had an amazing ride! Hannah and Seth were so excited to see him board. Oh yeah, and they got to meet him....they were walking about 5 feet off the ground on the way to the camper!

Saturday, David and the kids went boarding. Evona and I stayed in the toasty warm camper an whipped up a mean spaghetti dinner for them. After dinner, we went to the second day of the Grand Prix. That night I learned that metal bleachers plus below freezing temps equal one frozen rear end!

We all agreed that it was a fun way to spend a weekend!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lyra's Baptism

On Saturday, Lyra was baptised. It was a wonderful day filled with lots of family and friends. She looked beautiful in her white dress. She was so funny when we went shopping to pick one. She fell in love with this particular one because it made her "look like a grown-up." And since you can't have Lyra without a little but of sass, she got sparkly zebra print shoes!

Grandma-Great made her a special baptism outfit and she was so excited to wear it!

After her baptism, we had dinner. Lots of people came to enjoy the time with her...

I think one of the cutest parts of the day was when Bryli loved on Laura's twins.
Lyra, I am so proud of you and the choices you have made. You are such a beautiful girl and I know that our Heavenly Father is very proud of you!

Magic Carpet Ride

We went skiing this past week. I had so much fun cheering the kiddies on! They have been a couple of times already, but once I was sick and once I was helping out Mrs. Claus with Christmas this was the first time I have been this year. Beaver Mountain got a new "lift" of sorts. It's called the "Magic Carpet" and it's like a moving sidewalk. Pyper LOVES it! She can get off and on all by herself. She spent most of the morning riding it, and then they went to "the big mountain." I got some pics of her and the kids before they left for the bigger slopes for your enjoyment. I think the only thing different from the skiing pics from last year are some of the ski clothes. :)

This was Pyper going down the little hill. She didn't even crash and make a "puffball".

Getting off the "Magic Carpet."

Riding up the hill.

Bugga on the ride up.