Sunday, January 3, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride

We went skiing this past week. I had so much fun cheering the kiddies on! They have been a couple of times already, but once I was sick and once I was helping out Mrs. Claus with Christmas this was the first time I have been this year. Beaver Mountain got a new "lift" of sorts. It's called the "Magic Carpet" and it's like a moving sidewalk. Pyper LOVES it! She can get off and on all by herself. She spent most of the morning riding it, and then they went to "the big mountain." I got some pics of her and the kids before they left for the bigger slopes for your enjoyment. I think the only thing different from the skiing pics from last year are some of the ski clothes. :)

This was Pyper going down the little hill. She didn't even crash and make a "puffball".

Getting off the "Magic Carpet."

Riding up the hill.

Bugga on the ride up.