Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

For the past few years, I have made Valentines for my kids. The first year I did it, I had found these really cute ones on a crafty blog. I was bored and needed a project. So, I decided to make them and never thought any more about it. Note: DO NOT start this unless you are prepared to do it every year! My kids thought it was the coolest thing, and now they help me make them.  Since Pyper is the only one in Elementary school now, I figured my job would be easy. We decided to make minions out of twinkies. Then Lyra decided she needed some, and so did Hannah. So, we made a minion army, and bought out all the Twinkies at Lee's and Walmart! (I think every mom in the valley decided to make minions as well!)  So, six boxes of Twinkies later, we had this...

These were actually just a small portion of them, since our pile kept falling over!  They were fun to make.

Usually the kids make their Valentine boxes at school. Would you believe we've never had to make them at home before?  But this year, Pyper's class decided to have a competition with their boxes.  We made a Rapunzel tower. 

After school we had a fancy fondue dinner! We all ate until we were about to burst and it was lots of fun!