Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah's birthday (17, how did THAT happen?) started EXTREMELY early. Like 4:30 am early, did you know 4:30 happens more than once a day? She has been going to Bridgerland for Cosmetology this year in school. The only problem is that program is only offered at the Brigham campus. So she gets to drive to Brigham every day. And she doesn't have enough credit hours to take Seminary during the day, which means that she has to take early morning Seminary. That starts at 6:15 am.   Birthday breakfast in bed is a tradition at our house.  It was so early her eyes wouldn't stay open for a picture! 

We also met in Logan for lunch after school when she was on her way to Bridgerland.  She wanted sushi, which was great by me, but not so much by her dad!  We had a great time teasing her about the waiter (who would have been quite attractive had I been a 17 year old girl) and eating our sushi, that we got to enjoy a LOT of since all the rolls were half price that day!  She also got  fried ice cream for her birthday dessert.

Happy Birthday my Hannah, I love you!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Girl Power!

While David is gone, Hannah is borrowing a car from one of his workers to get her back and forth to school.  Yesterday, it wouldn't start. She left the lights on while visiting Grandma Charlene at work, and it killer her battery. I jumped it for her, but when we got it home it wouldn't start again. After a little time on the phone with David, we decided that it was probably the battery cable that was bad. He was coming home for Hannah's birthday in a couple of days. He told us we could wait for him, or try and change it ourselves. We decided to try it ourselves. AND WE DID IT! The nice guys at O'Reilly even made the right cable for us, since the original is a dealer only part. 4 hours, $30, and greasy hands later the car starts right up!