Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our LAST day at Beaver Mountain

Yesterday was a fun day for us. We started the day out with a trip to Beaver Mountain. It was the last day of the season, and they had lots of fun stuff planned. It usually entails swimsuits and skis, but it was SNOWING on closing day! (My family was NOT happy that they got 2" of new powder and the mountain was still closing!) A "Big Air" competition, and Pond Skim were the highlights. After Dave and the kids skied for a bit, (except Pyper, she went down the bunny hill once and decided she was done!) we watched all the competitors catch lots of air and do some awesome tricks in the Big Air competition, then got DRENCHED by watching the Pond Skim. (Note: front row seats are NOT what you want at the Pond Skim!) We all decided to call it a day about 2:30 because we were all soaked! My family had another surprise in store for me, but you'll have to look at the next post!

It's my party

My family surprised me with a birthday party with some friends! Since my birthday isn't until Tuesday, I get extra partying in this year! We made mini pizza's and bread sticks, drank lots of soda, and played "Rock Band" all night! We are a great bunch of rocker wannabes! I got LOADS of Pepsi and chocolate (what good friends I have!), some black raspberry vanilla body spray, and a mini iron. It was fun, but a long day! We all slept in this morning!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yes, I should be sleeping...

OK, I am a little behind the times and I just discovered the wonderful world of DIGITAL SCRAP BOOKING! Can you say FUN!! I used to scrapbook quite a bit, but then I got 4 kids! I find it impossible to keep up the scrapbooks when you have to do one for each kid and one for the family. (that's 5 scrapbooks folks!!). So I got overwhelmed and quit. Well, the other day, Hannah's friend Jessica was over here while I was blogging. Her sister has a blog with a bunch of her friends where they show off all their crafty projects and she had done a digital page about Jessica. She wanted Hannah to see it, so we looked up the blog. After I saw it, my curiosity was peaked. I searched the net for some sites to see how much this new hobby might cost me. (Because Tonya NEEDS another expensive hobby!?!?) I found this AWESOME site called "Scrapbook Flair" that had FREE scrapbook software! And I LIKE FREE! So, I have been playing around a bit and made a goofy page about Hannah and her dog and a family tree. I don't have many photos on the 'puter yet, so I just used the ones that were on here, but I think they turned out kinda cute. I like this, I can make a page and print off as many copies as I like.
EASY!! (How did yours turn out Loopy?) Anyway the website is Check it out, they have a TON of free templates and stuff. And they are cute! OK, I'm going to bed now! 'night!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things my kids taught me today...

1. When you walk down the sidewalk, your boots don't tap they "sing a song." "Yisen Mom. My boots are singing a song!"--Pyper

2. It MUST be possible to eat without front teeth! Yep, that last front tooth (that I was hoping would hang on until the rest of them at least STARTED to grow back in) is VERY wiggly!--Bug

3. Cub Scouts should be allowed to wear their uniforms to school every day of the week. "Mom, how else will they know that I am kind and courteous and respectful?"--Seth

4. The only thing that complaining about after school Math Club gets you is a change in mentors! Your mean parents just call your teacher and then STILL make you go!--Hannah

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Last night was a big night for Seth. It was his first Pinewood Derby for cub scouts. He also earned his bobcat badge, and got to lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time! WHEW! We have spent the last week making his car. Dad & Seth had a friend cut out the wood, Seth sanded his guts out, then Mom & Seth painted. Yep, it is not a hidden fact at our house that I have more testosterone than Dave! Anyway, Seth ended up with a pretty sweet-looking car! It looks like a "flying V" electric guitar. Very fitting considering that Seth wants to be a rock star! It looked really neat, but was SLOW! It made it through the finish line, which some others didn't. And he won 1 race against some of his friends (with slow cars as well!) so he was happy that he won once! We all had a fun time cheering him on! Grandma Charlene and Grandpa Brent even got to come! It was fun that he got his bobcat badge at the derby. He has a really fun cubmaster. She put the badge on the top of his car and then sent it down the track to Seth. He got to catch it at the finish line and take his badge off. He was so excited about receiving it that he wanted me to sew it on his uniform at 9:30 last night! What a kid! I am also pleased to report that there were no fistfights or injuries from the parents! I admit that David & I got some useful tips and a great website about derby cars and how to make them faster so that next year we can do better than 4th place!! LOOK OUT!!!
Seth is getting ready to lead the Pledge!
Nancy telling everyone that Seth and his friend Johnny have earned their bobcat badges.
Nancy getting Seth & Johnny's derby cars so she can "present" their badges.

Seth's car with his badge on it getting ready to race down to...

Seth at the end of the track!

Seth's first race. His car is between the red and yellow ones.

The results! He took third.

Everyone won an award! Seth got the "Sweet Ride" award!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Here are a few pics of my kids freezing in their "Easter finery" this frigid Easter morning! Aren't their dresses cute? I made them myself!! TOOT TOOT!! Buggly really wasn't happy about taking her jacket off for a picture! We had fun finding our baskets and eggs this morning. The Easter Bunny left us lots of candy and some good movies! (If you haven't seen "Enchanted" yet, you should. It is CUTE!!) Then it was off to church, and we were EARLY!! We had a fun, lazy day!! I hope you had a great Easter as well!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rollin' The Eggs!

Today, on this VERY COLD day, we had the annual Easter party and egg roll at Grandma Schvanevedlt's house. Did I mention that it was cold? I remember holding a tarp over the fire so it didn't get rained out, rolling eggs in the snow, packing Seth's stocking cap and should have packed his ball cap, and even not making it all the way up the canyon because it was just too muddy. But I have NEVER been as cold as I was today. And we were just in Weston! It was deceivingly sunny, and you could see your breath! We did a couple new things this year. We all brought our cooked eggs and colored them in Grandma Viv's garage (it was fun to see all the kids coloring them) and all the "Grandma's" (I'm counting you in here too Lynette!) hid eggs around the yard. That was way fun! My kids had a blast! They were the oldest there (except Pyper) and had a hard time holding back and letting the little kids find the eggs. But, all in all they didn't do too bad! Pyper was funny, she would find an egg and exclaim, "Oh my gosh, it's a pourpow one! Oh wow! I found a Yeyow one! Look, a byew one! Here is a organge one!" We cooked our burgers and hot dogs in the fire pit at Grandma's house, had the egg hunt and then went about half a mile up the road to Malad where Grandpa Great had found a (dry) hill for the kids to roll their eggs down! They had fun throwing their eggs and then sliding down the hill. They didn't seem to mind one bit that we weren't up the canyon! We all had a REALLY FUN EASTER PARTY!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Belt, we loved it!!! After we got home Pyper had to look at her eggs from the egg hunt again. "Let's see what prizes we got!" she said. Then every time I would open an egg it was, "Oh my gosh, a crabby patty! (Or eggs, or fruit snacks, or candy and stuff... She didn't care about the quarters one bit, those were the other kids favorite part!) I had a pretty good laugh at her! Here are some pictures of all our fun.

Here are the kids coloring their eggs. I just realized that I was a bad mom and didn't take any photos of Hannah. She is just in a couple on the sidelines--OOPS!!

Pyper trying to play ball with Braxton and Detmer. She wanted to play with the "little bakset balls" with them, and they were having a dilemma about having to share with a girl. 2 balls and 3 kids doesn't work out really well! Luckily, there were no tears!

Lots of photos of every ones backs as they find eggs! So I'm not a photographer, I'll get better! (I hope!)

All those little blobs are everyone rolling their eggs. (I need a new camera!) Then Lyra slid down the hill about 3 times, she was VERY dusty! And look, another little piece of Hannah in the pink camo coat!!

We had a great Easter Party!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My man...

I have got the cutest boy on the planet. I know that some of you will not agree with me, but I think so!! He is so funny! Last night we were at Grandma and Grandpa Webb's house. He decided that he wanted to "do something nice for Lyra." So he decided to write her a book in which she was a princess. He writes "books" all the time. He takes paper and staples it together, then writes a story, but I got a real chuckle over this one. So, I thought I would share. I am typing it just as it was written!

Lyra the prinses. Book:1

Chapter 1 (the 1 was backwards here!)
Once upon a time, there was once a prinses named Lyra. She was very pritey and clean. One day Lyra went for a walk and some how got lost. When King Seth foond out that Lyra was lost, He sent out to fine Lyra. When he found Lyra He was so happy to see Her but King Seth forgot the way too! When Queen Hannah fondout that prinses Lyra and King Seth where lost she took a pees of paper and droo a Map when she fond king Seth and Prinses Lyra she was so happy to see them. She show-ed (he had to use the next line because he ran out of room!) them the map and they all whent home. and they lived happely ever after thee End
by Seth

Anyway, hope you get as much of a giggle out of it as I did!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun with Rand

My stinking cute nephew, Rand got to come and play at our house today while his parents went to a play in SLC. We had loads of fun playing all day! Pyper (who refuses to wear clothes as you can see in the photos! "But Mom, they hurt me!") loves to play with Rand. They had a great time running around, jumping on the bed (and I LET them?!?!), running around, watching Diego and Dora, running around, and chasing the poor dog. I think that Rand just likes all the female attention he gets around here! That boy is a FLIRT!!! Anyway, thanks Loopy and Dustin for letting him come play with us.

P.S. I'm getting better at this blogging thing, I made a slide show!!! HOORAY!!

A little confession

Ok, so we Gordon's have a small confession to make. WE LOVE CADBURY MINI EGGS! Every year we anxiously await Valentines day, because we know that the stores will soon put out the Easter candy and that means MINI EGGS! We buy the bags to eat, then closer to the end of the season, we stock up! I think that we have eaten at least half a dozen bags so far. And I mean the big "family size" ones. I swear that my kids can sniff them out once the package has been opened. There is no hiding them, believe me I tried!! Guess what, they make them for Christmas now!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Cute Toothless Bug...

So, last night as I was doing that post, I realized that Lyra's lack of teeth is really cute! We get a lot of giggles out of watching her try and eat, our favorite is to watch her eat apples! I must say that she does a pretty good job, she refuses to let me cut them for her! She has lost the two big front teeth and one side tooth. I just hope that the front teeth decide to grow in before she looses the last side one, that is the one she bites everything with!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time to Relax!

I clean my neighbor's house once a week. Her name is LuAnn (Lulu) and she has M.S. and is in a wheelchair. The girl who stays with her and takes care of her is my best friend, Leslie. Leslie also babysits her 2 yr old niece there. She has two older nieces, Myah and Tammy, who are in school. Bug LOVES to play with them, but usually by the time school is out, their mom is home from work and they aren't at LuAnn's house anymore. Today their mom had some errands to run after work, so while I was cleaning , the girls got to play. (Three crazy girls are NOT the easiest things to clean around!) They decided that they were going to soak their feet because they were so cold. Then they had to file off their callouses (I KNOW Lyra has callouses, she REFUSES to wear shoes! I wonder where she got that from...?) and rub lotion on their feet. It was pretty cute to watch, except the part where they wanted to show me how good their feet smelled! I don't care how clean they are, FEET ARE NOT MEANT TO BE SNIFFED!!!!! Anyway, here are some cute pics of their "spa" treatment!

First you have to soak...

Time for the foot scrub...

Silly girls!

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's still warm!

I had to get a picture of this before the family realizes that I made bread! It doesn't last long after they do!! I usually end up burning my fingers cutting them slices while it is still hot!

Sure enough, it hadn't been out of the pans for 2 minutes when Seth came in the door from school. The first thing out of his mouth was, "I smell bread, can I have some?" The worst part is that I have to fight him for the heel!

It is still so hot that I can't even cut it without squishing it!! Right after I had cut him and Hannah both a slice, David comes stumbling out of the bedroom and says, "Oh, I really do smell bread! I thought it was a dream." Then he cuts a HUGE slice (like about 1/4 of the loaf!) and heads back to bed!! Oh well, at least I know they like it!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


This afternoon,Hannah, Lyra, and I got to have a "Girl's Day Out" with Aunt Laura and her mom-in-law Melody. We went to see the ballet Cinderella at the Eccles Theater.

It was SO much fun. Bug was GLUED to the stage. I haven't seen her sit that still for that long, EVER!! She has decided that she is going to dance the part of Cinderella when she gets big enough. After the ballet was over, the cast hung out in the lobby. We got to meet Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming (whose tights DID NOT impress Lyra!! -"Mom, I can see his BUTT!"), the Stepmother, and the Stepsisters (played by two extremely funny gentlemen!), along with various sprites and fairies. They were all so cute to sign Buggy's program, and she had to make sure that she got at least one of each type of fairy to sign it. She is planning to hang it along with her ticket on the wall in her room. After we found enough signatures, we decided to cap the day off with a trip to "Sweetly Divine", which may very well be Hannah's favorite thing to do in Logan. All of us agreed that we had a great day, and we can't wait until we can go again! Thanks again Melody, WE HAD A BLAST!!

Prince Charming and Cinderella

The Stepmother and Winter Fairy

Hannah's not as into all the autographs as Bug is. The finished program, she said she "got all of them!"

Us-having a great time!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Just a funny...

So, yesterday, Pyper comes up to me while I was doing laundry and says, "Guess what the Pypees do?"
Me: "What do the Pypees do?"
Pyper: "They fly over the moon." (Don't ask me, I don't know where she comes up with these things!)
Me:"Oh, they do?"
Pyper: "Yep, guess what the Buggas do?"
Me: "What?"
Pyper:"They fly over the moon with the Pypees! Guess what the brothers do?"
Me:"What do the brothers do?"
Pyper: "They fly over the moon with the Buggas! Guess what the Hannahs do?"
Me:"Ok, What do the Hannahs do?"
Pyper"They fly over the moon with the brothers!"
Me: "Oh, what do the mommies do?"
Pyper: "They fly over the moon!"
Me: (I'm getting smart now!!!) "With the Hannahs?"
Pyper: "No, with the Pypees!" (Oh, Of course! DUH! How dumb can I be!!)
Me: "What about the Daddies, do they fly over the moon with the mommies?" (Keep in mind that our dad works graves and sleeps during the day!)
Pyper: "Nope, they just stay home and sleep!"

Her Dad didn't find it very funny, but I sure had a good laugh about it!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hannah got her first promotion in karate tonight...HOIYAAA!! She is now a yellow belt. Yay for her!!! She has worked really hard, it was fun to see it pay off! (A bonus is that she has had to keep her room clean, I LOVE KARATE!!!!)

This was the ceremony where she got her new belt. The lady in black is one of her instructors.

Admiring the new belt!

The next karate kid?

It's official!! Sorry, I haven't figured out how to flip it! If you know, I'd like to also!!