Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things my kids taught me today...

1. When you walk down the sidewalk, your boots don't tap they "sing a song." "Yisen Mom. My boots are singing a song!"--Pyper

2. It MUST be possible to eat without front teeth! Yep, that last front tooth (that I was hoping would hang on until the rest of them at least STARTED to grow back in) is VERY wiggly!--Bug

3. Cub Scouts should be allowed to wear their uniforms to school every day of the week. "Mom, how else will they know that I am kind and courteous and respectful?"--Seth

4. The only thing that complaining about after school Math Club gets you is a change in mentors! Your mean parents just call your teacher and then STILL make you go!--Hannah


Grandma Charlene said...

So do they get their looks or their smarts from your side of the family? How lucky can you get. You not only have cute kids but smart ones as well!