Friday, March 7, 2008

Just a funny...

So, yesterday, Pyper comes up to me while I was doing laundry and says, "Guess what the Pypees do?"
Me: "What do the Pypees do?"
Pyper: "They fly over the moon." (Don't ask me, I don't know where she comes up with these things!)
Me:"Oh, they do?"
Pyper: "Yep, guess what the Buggas do?"
Me: "What?"
Pyper:"They fly over the moon with the Pypees! Guess what the brothers do?"
Me:"What do the brothers do?"
Pyper: "They fly over the moon with the Buggas! Guess what the Hannahs do?"
Me:"Ok, What do the Hannahs do?"
Pyper"They fly over the moon with the brothers!"
Me: "Oh, what do the mommies do?"
Pyper: "They fly over the moon!"
Me: (I'm getting smart now!!!) "With the Hannahs?"
Pyper: "No, with the Pypees!" (Oh, Of course! DUH! How dumb can I be!!)
Me: "What about the Daddies, do they fly over the moon with the mommies?" (Keep in mind that our dad works graves and sleeps during the day!)
Pyper: "Nope, they just stay home and sleep!"

Her Dad didn't find it very funny, but I sure had a good laugh about it!!


Laura and Dustin said...

That is hilarous!! Your Pypee is so cute!!!!

Jenni Belew said...

Kids say the Darndest Things.. That is way too cute.. Way to be Pypee!!! We love her!!