Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Last night was a big night for Seth. It was his first Pinewood Derby for cub scouts. He also earned his bobcat badge, and got to lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time! WHEW! We have spent the last week making his car. Dad & Seth had a friend cut out the wood, Seth sanded his guts out, then Mom & Seth painted. Yep, it is not a hidden fact at our house that I have more testosterone than Dave! Anyway, Seth ended up with a pretty sweet-looking car! It looks like a "flying V" electric guitar. Very fitting considering that Seth wants to be a rock star! It looked really neat, but was SLOW! It made it through the finish line, which some others didn't. And he won 1 race against some of his friends (with slow cars as well!) so he was happy that he won once! We all had a fun time cheering him on! Grandma Charlene and Grandpa Brent even got to come! It was fun that he got his bobcat badge at the derby. He has a really fun cubmaster. She put the badge on the top of his car and then sent it down the track to Seth. He got to catch it at the finish line and take his badge off. He was so excited about receiving it that he wanted me to sew it on his uniform at 9:30 last night! What a kid! I am also pleased to report that there were no fistfights or injuries from the parents! I admit that David & I got some useful tips and a great website about derby cars and how to make them faster so that next year we can do better than 4th place!! LOOK OUT!!!
Seth is getting ready to lead the Pledge!
Nancy telling everyone that Seth and his friend Johnny have earned their bobcat badges.
Nancy getting Seth & Johnny's derby cars so she can "present" their badges.

Seth's car with his badge on it getting ready to race down to...

Seth at the end of the track!

Seth's first race. His car is between the red and yellow ones.

The results! He took third.

Everyone won an award! Seth got the "Sweet Ride" award!


Laura and Dustin said...

Congrats Dude!! That is an awesome car! That must have been a fun night for your whole family, ecspecially Seth!! Give him a big hug for me!

Grandma Charlene said...

GREAT JOB SETH! You are so awesome. Your car was great. Thanks for inviting us.