Monday, March 24, 2008


Here are a few pics of my kids freezing in their "Easter finery" this frigid Easter morning! Aren't their dresses cute? I made them myself!! TOOT TOOT!! Buggly really wasn't happy about taking her jacket off for a picture! We had fun finding our baskets and eggs this morning. The Easter Bunny left us lots of candy and some good movies! (If you haven't seen "Enchanted" yet, you should. It is CUTE!!) Then it was off to church, and we were EARLY!! We had a fun, lazy day!! I hope you had a great Easter as well!!


The Gordons said...

Goodness, it's killing me to see how big your children are getting! I love how adorable your children are. I'm still in shock to see you guys on here. Take care... lots of love