Saturday, March 15, 2008

A little confession

Ok, so we Gordon's have a small confession to make. WE LOVE CADBURY MINI EGGS! Every year we anxiously await Valentines day, because we know that the stores will soon put out the Easter candy and that means MINI EGGS! We buy the bags to eat, then closer to the end of the season, we stock up! I think that we have eaten at least half a dozen bags so far. And I mean the big "family size" ones. I swear that my kids can sniff them out once the package has been opened. There is no hiding them, believe me I tried!! Guess what, they make them for Christmas now!


Jenni Belew said...

So funny Tonya.. We have this obsession too.. Brett and I usually always hide them from the kids tho, and designate them as an adult only treat... I didn't know they did the Christmas ones.. .That is great!!!