Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rollin' The Eggs!

Today, on this VERY COLD day, we had the annual Easter party and egg roll at Grandma Schvanevedlt's house. Did I mention that it was cold? I remember holding a tarp over the fire so it didn't get rained out, rolling eggs in the snow, packing Seth's stocking cap and should have packed his ball cap, and even not making it all the way up the canyon because it was just too muddy. But I have NEVER been as cold as I was today. And we were just in Weston! It was deceivingly sunny, and you could see your breath! We did a couple new things this year. We all brought our cooked eggs and colored them in Grandma Viv's garage (it was fun to see all the kids coloring them) and all the "Grandma's" (I'm counting you in here too Lynette!) hid eggs around the yard. That was way fun! My kids had a blast! They were the oldest there (except Pyper) and had a hard time holding back and letting the little kids find the eggs. But, all in all they didn't do too bad! Pyper was funny, she would find an egg and exclaim, "Oh my gosh, it's a pourpow one! Oh wow! I found a Yeyow one! Look, a byew one! Here is a organge one!" We cooked our burgers and hot dogs in the fire pit at Grandma's house, had the egg hunt and then went about half a mile up the road to Malad where Grandpa Great had found a (dry) hill for the kids to roll their eggs down! They had fun throwing their eggs and then sliding down the hill. They didn't seem to mind one bit that we weren't up the canyon! We all had a REALLY FUN EASTER PARTY!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Belt, we loved it!!! After we got home Pyper had to look at her eggs from the egg hunt again. "Let's see what prizes we got!" she said. Then every time I would open an egg it was, "Oh my gosh, a crabby patty! (Or eggs, or fruit snacks, or candy and stuff... She didn't care about the quarters one bit, those were the other kids favorite part!) I had a pretty good laugh at her! Here are some pictures of all our fun.

Here are the kids coloring their eggs. I just realized that I was a bad mom and didn't take any photos of Hannah. She is just in a couple on the sidelines--OOPS!!

Pyper trying to play ball with Braxton and Detmer. She wanted to play with the "little bakset balls" with them, and they were having a dilemma about having to share with a girl. 2 balls and 3 kids doesn't work out really well! Luckily, there were no tears!

Lots of photos of every ones backs as they find eggs! So I'm not a photographer, I'll get better! (I hope!)

All those little blobs are everyone rolling their eggs. (I need a new camera!) Then Lyra slid down the hill about 3 times, she was VERY dusty! And look, another little piece of Hannah in the pink camo coat!!

We had a great Easter Party!!


Jenni Belew said...

Ahhhh.. It looks like you had alot of fun as always as Grandma Greats for Easter.. We get sad to look at the pics... Madison is here, we just got done coloring our eggs, I have told the kids that we can go find a desert hill and roll em.. It won't compare to doing with all the cousins, but it will have to work.. HaHa.. Happy Easter!!! Love, Jenni