Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ski Day

We usually go to Saint George with my family over Presidents day. The kids take the week off school and we go play in the sun. Well, this year SOMEONE broke his ankle and isn't allowed to ride in a car for that long, so we can't go. We were all bummed that we had to miss our vacation, so we decided to do the next best thing, just take a vacation from life around here!

Wednesday we all loaded up in my NEW truck (did I mention that I LOVE it?) along with uncle Dustin and Rand, and headed up to Beaver for a fun day in the snow. Here is a slide show of all our fun...(we did miss Aunt Loopy, and hope she feels better sooner rather than later!)

Then the kids thought they should get today off of school too. So of course I let them, and we went skiing again today! But I didn't take my camera today, sorry!


Team Atwood said...

So do you ski or just watch the kids? Crazy either way. Looks like they had fun though.

The Webb Family said...

TONS jealous...have YET to make it to the slopes for the THIRD straight year. (although this year it is not a pregnancy preventing me from's two kids under the age of 2!)