Saturday, June 8, 2013

A spoiled pooch

On our way to Newton Dam, we passed the Rainbow Snow. Now if your geography skills are good, you'll be confused...we were in Logan before heading to Newton Dam. It was hot out, so we stopped.

Hannah and Bug played waitresses and ordered and delivered all our Rainbow Snows. (Do you like Bug's mustache?)

Pyper rocked the Fu-man-chu 'stache from the quarter machine while she waited!

Our doggie is just a bit spoiled, and a bit of a case you weren't aware.  So, we did what any pet owners would do and bought her a Rainbow Snow as well! It was quite funny actually! She loves Otter Pops, Popsicles, Snow Cones, and the like. Green is her favorite flavor, it's usually green apple. She will eat other colors, but gets excited for the green ones.  She was sitting on my lap as I was passing out the Rainbow Snows as Hannah handed them through the window.  I handed Seth and Pyper Evona sat on my lap. I handed David his, blue as well. Evona sat on my lap not even trying to move. Hannah handed me the green one for Evona. As soon as it was through the window, before I could even say anything, this happened... 

She didn't bother the other blue, or the orange and red Rainbow Snows that Hannah handed me after! We all laughed pretty hard about it!