Monday, August 25, 2008

Another "Pyperism"

On Saturday, we went to finish up some school shopping, mostly to get shoes for Hannah for gym. (Thanks for the crowd control help Les!) My girls are ADDICTED to shoe shopping, even the youngest. While Hannah was trying on tennis shoes she was trying on some stylish size 10, red, break-your-neck-high heels.

She also had them on the wrong feet. As she was clomping around, she kept on stumbling. She realized just what girls go through for beauty and said, "Whoa, dis is harwder dan I sought it was goin to be!"

Sometimes this girl just cracks me up!


Leslie said...

the stinky one is so cute and funny, she cracks me up

The Gordons said...

Can I tell you I love how you have always been able to interpret a child's speech so well... I LOVE IT!! You little girl is so dang cute, you just can't help but love her!