Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School--YAY!

Today is the first day of school for my kids. They were all super excited, and quite frankly, so am I! (OK, so I told a fib just now, Pyper is not excited that her kids are going to school.)

I promised Hannah that when she went to sixth grade (gasp) she could wear makeup to school. When we went school shopping we stopped in at Bath and Body Works and got her some body spray, then ordered some makeup online, got her a purse, and she got contacts. Here she is in all her makeuped, perfumed, glasses-less, middle school glory.
After painting Bug's fingernails and toenails, and making them both brush their teeth-twice-in an effort to stall them (They could not leave for school, which starts at 9, at 7:30), I decided to take these yayhoots photos. I took about 20 of them, yep, wasting more time. This was my favorite. Bug even let me curl her hair! Trust me, it won't happen again for awhile. She has informed me that she is a "tomboy."And this is what Pyper looked like when her kids left her standing in the yard. "I wants to go to scoowow too!" And if I have to hear "Why did my kids go wisout me?" for the rest of the day... It's a good thing that Hannah gets home at 2, that is only 5 hours! Maybe we will go get ice cream! A side note--Look a post with ALL my kids!


Laura and Dustin said...

You are in big trouble with that model at the begining! She does not look like she is going to her first day of middle school-It looks like she is at least sixteen!! She is just gorgeous!!!! Bugga looks soo cute with her hair curled! And your boy is the heartbreaker of the future! I feel so bad for poor Pypee! Well congrats and sympathy have fun!!!

The Gordons said...

Aww I love it... Becca was doing the same thing!

The Real Life of Mark and Em said...

Hannah looks so grown up!! I can't believe summer is already over but alas it is, good luck with kids & school