Friday, October 23, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Times 2

I must be crazy. Seth and Lyra both needed their wisdom teeth out. Neither one of them had come in enough that the dentist could extract them, so he referred us to an oral surgeon. So, after their consultation, we decided to take them BOTH out over Fall Break so they wouldn't have to miss as much school. Since theirs was a little more intense that Hannah's, they had to be sedated. Before they got them out, they both made me promise that I would take lots of videos so that they could see how silly they were. Hannah didn't have school that day, so she decided to meet us there and come home with me and help out. I really think she just wanted to laugh at them like they had laughed at her! In the end, I was grateful for her help! I don't know how I did it when they were needy little kids, but needy teenagers are pretty bad!

Seth went first. He wasn't nervous at all. Lyra was terrified. As promised, we took lots of videos, and they are pretty funny! I found it amusing how different they acted when coming out of the anesthetic. They didn't knock them completely out, just made them really tired and loopy. Tera was the nurse, and she's in our ward. She gave them a pretty bad time. She is also Lyra's Young Women leader, and kept asking Lyra if she was coming to Young Women's that night. Lyra thought she was pretty crazy!

Anyway, here are some videos. My usually quiet boy would not quit talking, and my bubbly Bug just was so sad!