Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

I got off pretty easy in the costume making department this year. Hannah had to work, so she had to wear her uniform. We decided to make her in to a Pizza Dude, complete with chest hair! She looked great, and she said she got tons of tips, so that was a bonus!

Seth put his own costume together. He was a zombie hunter. He just used things he already had, but he looked pretty great! He and all his friends ended up at our house for a Halloween party. They watched scary movies,played Dungeons and Dragons,  and went trick or treating. I may be wrong, but my theory is that if a kid is going to dress up (and put some effort in to it), then I'll give them candy. I don't care how old they are! Heck, I'll even give mom and dad candy! There are so many worse things that teenagers could do than trick or treating!

Lyra wanted to be Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Lucky for me, Hannah was the same thing a few years ago! I was going to make her a red yarn wig, but since she had just dyed her hair red, she opted for me not to. She and her friends ended up at our house too. She's the scary movie queen, so they watched movies, and went trick or treating.

 Pyper's was the only costume I made this year. She was Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. I must have done a decent job, lots of kids in her class recognized her! She had a friend over and they went trick or treating with Lyra and her friends for a while. Then they just came back here and watched some not-so-scary Halloween movies!

I didn't even make a gross dinner this year.My kiddos all told me after that they missed it, so I guess I'm not off the hook for next year!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Times 2

I must be crazy. Seth and Lyra both needed their wisdom teeth out. Neither one of them had come in enough that the dentist could extract them, so he referred us to an oral surgeon. So, after their consultation, we decided to take them BOTH out over Fall Break so they wouldn't have to miss as much school. Since theirs was a little more intense that Hannah's, they had to be sedated. Before they got them out, they both made me promise that I would take lots of videos so that they could see how silly they were. Hannah didn't have school that day, so she decided to meet us there and come home with me and help out. I really think she just wanted to laugh at them like they had laughed at her! In the end, I was grateful for her help! I don't know how I did it when they were needy little kids, but needy teenagers are pretty bad!

Seth went first. He wasn't nervous at all. Lyra was terrified. As promised, we took lots of videos, and they are pretty funny! I found it amusing how different they acted when coming out of the anesthetic. They didn't knock them completely out, just made them really tired and loopy. Tera was the nurse, and she's in our ward. She gave them a pretty bad time. She is also Lyra's Young Women leader, and kept asking Lyra if she was coming to Young Women's that night. Lyra thought she was pretty crazy!

Anyway, here are some videos. My usually quiet boy would not quit talking, and my bubbly Bug just was so sad!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

School Days 2015

School started. We took pictures. Here they are.

 Seth 10th grade. He went to high school this year. He said he didn't even get lost!

Lyra 8th grade. She went to Junior High. She says she did get lost, and forgot where her locker was. Knowing my Bug, I wasn't surprised!

 Pyper 5th grade. This is her last year in elementary school, she's a pro.

They all said they had a great day. Seth made a couple of new friends. Lyra got to see all of her old friends. And Pyper had some friends in her class this year that weren't last year.  Here's to another year!

Also, it's really weird not to have a picture of Hannah! She's all growed up now! *sniff*

Thursday, June 4, 2015

She made it!

After 12 long years, Hannah made it! She graduated on May 28,2015 at 3 pm in the Spectrum. So far, she says she doesn't feel any different. I bet when everyone but her goes back to school in August, she may feel it then.

Here she is, just after the processional march in. She's on the last row of people sitting down, middle of the closest row, looking at the camera.

 Here she is while they read her name for her diploma. We celebrated the moment with an air-horn and lots of cheering! (Funny side story...They asked us beforehand to "keep the applause to a minimum during the reading of the names. Hannah texted me and said, "you are going to cheer loud aren't you?" We did!)

 Grandma Charlene, Hannah, Grandpa Brent

 Hugs from Grandpa Brent

 Hannah and her friends who came for the momentous occasion
Tori, Megan, Hannah, Shawn, Devin

Hannah and Devin

Way to go my Hannah! We are so proud of you!

Senior Pictures

We had a cute gal in our ward take Hannah's senior pictures. (Her name is Sandy Degasser, you can check out her work here.) Hannah, Lyra, and I had so much fun. There were laughs and silliness, and the rain held out just long enough for us to get some great pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

This face is so classic Hannah!

There were so many cute ones.If you go to the portraits section of Sandy's website you can see them all!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My own private concert

This girl asked me to find the sheet music for Little Drummer Boy and Christmas Canon. Then she gave me my own private Christmas Concert. I love to hear her play. Both of these were just the first time she'd played them. I think she did pretty well!

Little Drummer Boy

Christmas Canon (this one doesn't sound much like the song. It's written for a full orchestra, and this is just the violin part.)

Santa Pictures

Just the obligatory Santa pictures from our family Christmas party.