Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our fun in Eagle Colorado

Our first Colorado stop was in Eagle. Yep, Pyper, Bug, and I FINALLY made it to Colorado! We had loads of fun. Hannah entered Evona in a Dog Contest. She entered her for Cutest Costume. This is a pic of her. She had on a cute dress & hat with sunglasses. She didn't like to wear the hat, so be glad I got a photo!
She also entered her in the Most Huggable. Evona doesn't hug, she kisses! The little girl that won this category had a GIANT white fluffy dog that she rode around while giving it a hug! It was way funny!
And, yep, our dog is pretty cute! She did win a blue ribbon for Most Unique. The judges really liked her color, and thought she was just an all around cute dog! Here is the proud owner and winning puppy!

Seth and Bugga also found time amidst their playing to get there faces painted. They looked really neat! We had lots of fun! Eagle is a cute little town, and I really enjoyed it. The people are all so sweet and helpful. I only have one question now, "What is with Colorado and roundabouts?"