Thursday, July 31, 2008

Curly Hairdo's!

As promised, here are the results of our curlers. We tested them out last night, I think they turned out pretty cute!

A messy curler head, before...

and after.....the cute curls!

They worked best on Hannah's hair. Do you like her broken "hillbilly" tooth? Not to worry, it will be fixed soon!

Here is Bugga's curler head and cheeser face.

She wasn't patient enough to wait until the curlers dried before she had to take them out. Her hair also wasn't quite long enough to hold them in very well, so she is sporting one of her new flowers instead!

Pyper "didn't not want curleries in" her hair!
Here is her finished product, complete with a chocolate milk moustache and "flower like my Buggy!"

And since Seth doesn't get very much press in this house full of diva's....
He looks pretty GQ. (Can I just tell you how cute I think this kid's freckles are? I LOVE THEM!) I tried to get him to let me put curlers in his hair too, the long haired freak :), but he informed me that HE was NOT a girl!

A funny Seth story...Last weekend while we were in Tremonton, he was helping out by running a couple of the game booths. His dad overheard two little girls tittering about "that really cute boy over there." When one girl asked the other which boy, the first replied, "The cute one over by those games, the one with the long brown hair!" (Of course, being the perfect parent that I am, have teased him quite profusely about it.) Alas, any chance I had of him letting me cut his hair off is now lost I'm afraid! I also don't know if he should have little girls thinking he is cute yet! Didn't I just have the discussion about how I am not big enough for this with his big sister? Wasn't he listening?!?!


The Gordons said...

I love the curly hair!! now if my girl can get her hair to grow!