Monday, July 28, 2008

For the Grandmas

Grandma Charlene and Grandma Sch got talking and decided that they need to know all the funny things that Pyper says. Believe me, she does come up with some funny things! So, since we don't want mad Grandma's, here they are...

Tonight we had spaghetti for dinner. I was twirling my noodles around my fork, and Pyper says, "Mommy, wiw you help me make a nest wis my noodows too?"

We were in WalMart and decided that we needed chocolate. (Her and I think alike when it comes to chocolate!) I found a good sized bag of Reeses mini PB cups (we were on our way home where the rest of the fam was, and they think they have to eat our chocolate too). I handed the bag to her to hold. "Holy Moly, mom! That bag is HOOGE! Can we find a buyer so I can pay her money?" Then, as we were walking past the electronics department, she spotted a cash register. "Mommy, yook, I see a buyer!"

Pyper's mouth was just running in overdrive. I know that is pretty normal, but it was stuck in fast forward this day! I asked her if her mouth ever runs out of batteries. "Silyee mom, I don't gots battewies, I just gets plugged in a nights when I sweeps!" Oh joy, she's RECHARGEABLE!!!

I also think it's funny that she refers to Hannah, Seth, and Bug as "my kids." For example--"Can I go play wis my kids?" "When are my kids coming home from scool?" "Have you seen my kids?" And my favorite, when she says her prayers, "Bless my mommy, my daddy, and my kids."

Hopefully, this will appease those grannies til I can think of more!


Grandma Charlene said...

That will do for now. Just keep them coming. She is so fun to listen to. I could just set and ask her questions all day just to listen to her answers.