Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Parties and Babies

Tonight we got to go celebrate Rand's birthday with some cake and ice cream. Laura took pity on us and fed us as well! There is not a whole lot of food in my house, and since we are leaving again, I didn't go grocery shopping! We had some super tasty turkey steaks and potatoes! My kids were extra excited to see Rand. They haven't gotten to play with him for a while. I must admit that the best presents of the night were the Thomas the Train set from his mom and dad, and the humongous rocket balloon from Grandma Sue! Thanks for a fun party and a yummy dinner guys!

This afternoon Hannah and I went to see Cami and our new cousin. I am glad to say that he is not nameless anymore! His name is Mason Craig and he is about the handsomest little guy I have seen in a long time! He ended up having some breathing problems due to an infection and is in the NICU now. He is going to be just fine, it will just take a bit. I know that I don't get overly emotional, but it was really hard to see the poor little guy all hooked up to wires and machines. Please keep him and his parents in your prayers, they could really use the comfort right now! I didn't get a picture yet, (I left my camera home! I am really good at that!) but he is super cute! Congrats again Jason and Cami! We didn't get to love on Mason too much, but Grandma Charlene and Bryli (Jason and Cami's little girl) showed up while we were visiting. We got to play with her while Jason, Cami, and Grandma went in to see Mason. She is a cutie!


The Gordons said...

Prayers for your brother family being sent!

Laura and Dustin said...

Thank you so much for coming over and visiting! It was such a blast celebrating Rand's Bday!! I can not believe he is TWO!! Congrats to your Bro and his new addition to the family! I will definintly keep them in my prayers!