Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On to Meeker Colorado

Our next stop was in Meeker. (I have no clue how some people come up with these town names!) It was also a cute little town. We stayed in this 100 year old hotel, called "The Meeker." (Wow!) It had this neat old canopy bed, my girls were jealous that I got to sleep on it! Oh my gosh, can you say COMFY!! I have decided that I have to have a feather bed and down comforter. Sorry I didn't get a picture, my camera was in the car, as usual! The next day, the guys set everything up. I did take some photos of that!

Here is Grandpa Gordon putting some more lights on the Roll-O-Plane. It is so much fun to be able to have our grandpa around all the time! It also makes it easier for us to be away from our other family and friends for so long!

And David is, well, I'm not really sure what David is doing! It is a rare thing that he is actually helping to set up, usually he just bosses people around!

Bugly decided that she would get paid more if she helped set up. It worked, she got a $5 "bonus" on her check! Yes, I go through GALLONS of stain spray on this kids clothing!

Here is the "crew" setting up the Scrambler. My kidlets would spend all day on this ride if I would let them!