Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Street Program

Ok, today is a HUGE posting catch up day! I don't want to hear from the peanut gallery that they don't have anything new to read for a few days!!

On the 20th of May, the kidlets had their school program. Every year they do a program in the street in front of the school where they sing songs and do dances that they have learned that year. After consulting my children, I can tell you all the songs they sang! Bugga's class sang the "Hula Hoop Hokey Pokey," Seth sang "Rubber Ducky" and danced the Hustle, and Hannah (not happily might I add) sang "Eight Days A Week' and danced the Jitterbug. I thought they did a good job,it was fun to watch them!


JeNnI said...

Well.. It looks like they all did a great job.. Aren't school sing-alongs just great... We had ours last night, I will post pictures sometime...Way to go Kiddos- and Pypie...and can I just tell you that this picture of Pyper reminds me of Whitlee SO BAD!!!