Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nope, Not Today Either!!!

Yep, I'm STILL at home. I was really hoping that I could FINALLY leave for Colorado today. But alas, no. I spent the entire day dealing with David's lying insurance agent, who can't admit when he has gotten caught in his deceit. I found this little graphic that pretty much sums up how I feel about his company about now. The only problem is, there are no stairs at his office complex!!

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So, if you are ever in the market for an insurance agent, DO NOT go to Quality 1st Insurance in Logan, Utah!!! (Their name is false advertising I think, no "quality" about their service!) The best part is, the insurance company that our policy is through found me a new agent because of how badly he treated me today. I really think that his lies bit him in the butt, he lost a $5,000 insurance policy, and I saved $500 because of it!!

Since we didn't get to leave again today, to console ourselves, the gals and I went to Big J's for dinner. They got punching balloons in their kids meals. Those are the greatest toys, I use to love them when I was a kid! They are having a blast with them! Here is a little video of their fun! They were being MUCH funnier before I got the camera out, isn't that the way it goes...(And no, my daughter didn't wear her swimsiuit to dinner, she changed when we got home. She was bound and determined that she was going out to have a "water party" at 9 pm!) I really love how Pyper gets both of her arms going when she punches her balloon. I wondered if she was going to fly away!!


The Gordons said...

I am so sorry!! That really sucks!! I hope your able to leave today though!!

Laura and Dustin said...

I love the video! Your girls are just too cute! I still can not believe all the crap the insurance company put you and David through! But I am glad that it has all worked out to your benefit!