Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Child...

...is going to be the death of me!

I am serious! I spent most of the night last night in the emergency room. She was climbing trees last night at the park, bailed out (in high-heeled sandals!!), and twisted her foot. She said that she wanted to wait til this morning to go to the Dr. if it still hurt. I put an ice pack on it, doped her up on Motrin, loved her, and she fell asleep at about 10:30. At 2:30 she woke up and said that she needed more medicine cause her foot hurt. I gave her another ice pack to see if it would help--it didn't. So, at 3 am, I loaded her up and we took off for the hospital! 3 xrays, more Motrin, some Tylenol, 1 1/2 hours, and a sheet of stickers later we came home. (Well, first we stopped at Wally World cause I was out of kids Tylenol--you should see the looks you get while pushing a six year old, in pajamas, with crutches,around WalMart at 4:30 am in a wheelchair! I was pretty sure that all 4 people in the store are sure I am the most evil parent! Come on people, she had on a hospital bracelet!!!)

The verdict--They couldn't see a break, but "usually when kids complain of foot pain, a bone is broken." But, there just happens to be a growth plate where she says it hurts and the ER Dr said it could be broken and he wouldn't know. YAY!! We get to go to see a podiatrist in the morning. Now she has crutches (which she thinks is AWESOME), an ace bandage, a boot, and can't put any pressure on it! Have you ever tried to make my Bug sit still? Tomorrow morning can't get here fast enough!!