Friday, June 20, 2008

Because Laura caught up to me...

...I have to post again. The trouble is, my life has been boring lately!

I was having this "unofficial" competition with Loopy to see who posted more. The reason it was unofficial was because she didn't know about it. Until the other day. I told. Now she has as many posts as me and I have NOTHING to write about!

I guess I could tell you the I HATE going to bed! Yep, look at the time on this post--2 am!! I love it when my house is quiet! I can watch TV that DOES NOT involve cartoons! (I love DVR!) I can read without interruptions. I can sit without the dog in my lap.

I also don't have to share my chocolate with anyone!!


Laura and Dustin said...

Dang it! You beat me again!! Oh well at least I got some sleep last night!!