Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Road Trip...

We had a great time in Nevada at the Art Show. We made it to Wendover on Friday, and stayed at the Super 8. I let them jump on the beds, we ordered pizza, and had a cartoon party.

We took off the next morning and made it to Minden which is just outside of Carson City. The kids had a fun weekend playing in the water and on the inflatables. (I left my camera at the hotel, so I didn't get any pics of that, sorry!) It was warm and sunny all weekend, but not too hot yet!

We had to stop on the way home so that Hannah could write her name with rocks on the side of the road, she had been begging us the entire trip--BOTH WAYS! So, if you want to see their names, they are at the rest stop on I-80 that is just past the turn off for the Bonneville speedway! (Or you could just look at the photos!) I got the "Good Mom Of The Year" award because I stood out in the rain while I waited for Hannah to finish her HUGE name so I could take a photo!

We all had a fun trip, it was great to be with our Dad, and our butts all survived--we had to be jackhammered off our seats though!