Sunday, December 7, 2008

Schvaneveldt Christmas party and Gingerbread Houses

Saturday was the annual Schvaneveldt Christmas Party. My kidlets were all excited to see Santa and play with the present he brought them. Seth was certain that he would get something "awesome" that he could play with, which he informed me that his Nerf gun was!

It was a fun party. We got to spend more time with our family. *In fact, I must have been SO excited to go that I took off without the camera--AGAIN! Mandy (my sis-in-law who NEVER forgets her camera! Good thing she is our "family photographer" cause I just suck sometimes!) was nice enough to take my kids pics on Santa's lap. I'll post them as soon as I get them!* I got to play with Bryli and Mason, which is always the highlight of any family function! There is nothing like loving and sugaring and spoiling a kid that doesn't come home with me! It is great fun! I also would like to report that NO DIGITS were lost in my "candy cane retrieval venture!" I should have learned LONG ago that sticking a finger in a kid's candy-filled mouth isn't the wisest of choices--DUH!!!

Hannah, Seth, Bug, and Pyper all got to run around and play like crazy maniacs. I love how they look forward to playing at this party, and most of the kids they only see here once a year!

After the Christmas party, we went over to Grandma Charlene's house and decorated Gingerbread houses. I DID remember the camera for this, but since my hands were covered in Royal Icing, you only get to see what the finished product looks like! The one on the left is the one Grandma and Hannah made, Bugga and I did the one on the right. Just as hint--decorate the pieces BEFORE you glue the house together, it is MUCH easier to get the icing where you want!

Seth came and helped for about 30 seconds, just long enough to make sure all the sprinkles had been dumped on the floor. Then he went and resumed his Wii playing! After we finished the gingerbread houses, the rest of us joined him. Pyper wanted to play, and here is a funny little video of her hitting soccer balls on Wii Fit. She was mad because she couldn't hit many balls and her little person on the TV was getting sad and pounding the ground. She wanted the "kids" in the game to run around and cheer for her like they did Seth.


Laura and Dustin said...

The christmas party sounds like it was a blast!! I love the gingerbread houses!! I laughed really hard at Pypee playing soccer and that she did "bad!"

The Webb Family said...

Cute houses! We missed out.....