Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Birthday Parties

Seth and Lyra decided this year that they wanted their own parties. We have always just had them together so that family only had to make one trip! (They have always each had their own cake though, cause i just can't make them share EVERYTHING!) Our families were sweet enough to come twice, so they each got to have their own party this year, but they have to share the same blog post! Aunt Loopy is the camera person at my kids' birthdays and I am at her kid's , it is hard to play hostess, mom and camera person! She wasn't able to come to Seth's party, so Bugga has WAY more pics--OOPS!

First was Seth's birthday.

Then was Lyra's party.

Thanks everyone for coming twice so they could each have a party!


Leslie said...

Sorry that I missed the parties, they look a lot more fun than sitting in the hospital with pop!