Saturday, December 13, 2008

It Snowed!

It finally decided to snow. I don't usually care much for snow, but I do enjoy a white Christmas! The kids bundled up and went out to "help dad shovel", really it was just an excuse for them to throw snowballs at him!
Seth didn't fare so well, he ended up with a scoop of snow down the back of his coat!

Lyra made some pretty great snow angels.

Evona turned from dog to snowmobile. It was funny, she would put her nose down and just push through the snow running as fast as she could go in snow that was deeper than she is tall!

And this picture is my favorite! Pyper caught "nofwakes" on her tongue. They also "gots in mine eyes" while she was catching them!


Leslie said...

I still hate that nasty white stuff! your family looks like they are having fun though