Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday #7 to My Bug!

The day after her brother's second birthday, Lyra decided to join us! Not to be outdone by Seth, she waited for 16 days past her due date! (I should have known then that she was just a teensy bit stubborn!)

She was the best baby, and was always happy! She was also a chunky thing. She weighed 9 pounds, but was only 19 inches long! She even had a fat roll on the back of her head! She was (and still is) super snugly and loved her dad to rock her to sleep. She had lots of the darkest brown hair and the most gorgeous dark eyes.

She has turned into a beautiful little lady. She is bubbly and fun, a bit of a spitfire, with just a touch of tomboy! She can make me want to tear out my hair and I hope that she never changes!

Some things that make Lyra unique:

*She still loves to snuggle. One of my favorite things is that when she first wakes up in the morning, she has to come and sit on my lap and love for a bit. Then she can start her day and talk.

*She LOVES to ski! And not just ski-but ski FAST! She has also decided to try snowboarding this year.

*She likes to help me cook. It doesn't matter if it is dinner or a batch of cookies.

*She wants to be a "hairdo-er" when she grows up.

*She is a tease! She loves to play jokes and pest the little boys at school. You can always tell when she is up to mischief, she gets this little glint in her eyes and a grin on her face!

*She is tough as nails, and prissy all rolled into the same package!

*She is the only one in our house who can play the drums on Rock Band.

Bug, we are so glad to have you in our family! You keep us on our toes, and life is never dull with you around! Don't ever change one little bit, you are PERFECT!


Grandma Charlene said...

Lyra, you are definately my most favorite bug. I am so glad you are my granddaughter. Happy Birthday!! We love you.

The Webb Family said...

Happy birthday, Lyra Lou!! We love you!

JeN said...

Happy Happy Day little Lyra Bug.. Hope you had a great day!!!! We love and miss you!!