Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Last Fair And The Sad Event!

This weekend was the kidlets and my last fair of the season. We all had so much fun. We got to take along Jasmine and Micheal for the whole week! All the kids had such fun playing together. It is kind of bittersweet for us as they, along with their mom and dad Amy and Jared, are going to be moving to Orem in a couple of weeks. Our girls have been friends since they were born, and Micheal is just a year older than Seth. We never got to see them as much as either of us would have liked, but at least we knew they were just a 20 minute drive away!

Anyway, the kids had mounds of fun, sleeping in the tent outside the camper (I am NOT crazy enough to let 6 kids sleep inside!) and telling spooky stories til all hours of the morning! On Saturday, Grandma Sue brought up our cousin Alanda, who coincidentally also lives in Orem! Her and Bugga were nearly inseparable, even Pypee had fun with her (She had to sleep "wis Ayanda". I think she was just happy to get to sleep in the tent--I made her sleep in the camper!) Sue's kids Brian (Alanda's dad) and Jenny also came up and spent the night. AND Uncle Dustin was there helping to fix lights on the Roll-O-Plane! It was definitely crowded, there were people everywhere! You were lucky if you could find a place to sleep! It was fun, though. A great "Last Hoorah" for me and the kids!

Now on to the Sad Event... Uncle Dustin drove MY (notice I said MY) suburban to Montpelier. Now, many of you have seen my suburban, but for those who haven't let me just fill you in. It is OLD, an '84, almost the size of a small tank, needs major TLC, and was a surprise gift from someone that I really care about. I love this vehicle, I don't really know why. Ask my husband and kids whose car it is and they will tell you "Mom's." A few of David's friends have mistakenly called it "his truck," only to be informed that "it is my wife's truck!" Anyway, as I said, Uncle Dustin drove it to Montpelier for us so I could haul all 927 kids home...And some DORK pulled out in front of him! Yep, he crashed my beloved truck! Dustin called me to ask me to send David down, he had just wrecked my truck. I almost cried! David went down and surveyed the damages, and called me to tell me they thought it was totalled. Then I did cry! I think that they reassessed the damages so that they wouldn't have to see me hysterical, but it was a good thing they did! Dustin thought that the frame was bent, but upon further inspection, found that it wasn't. Now, I just need a new fender, grill, headlight (which is broken and STILL WORKS!!), and bumper. Yay!!


Leslie said...

sorry about your truck!!!! Im glad that the rest of the week went good though

The Gordons said...

I wasn't going to respond until Russ called David... and It's seems Russ keeps forgetting! Sorry!! Can I tell you how bummed I am that I missed (yet again) another family ordeal. I am glad you all had fun though!! Although I am sorry about your truck!

I will keep chirping in Russ' ear to call David though!

Love you guys,