Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where Kisses Are Kept.

So, this is another Pyper funny. It must be because she is the one that is home all day, so I still get to see all of the funny things that she does. Lately, she has been keeping her "kisses" in her pocket. She will run up to you and say, "Guess what, I have a kiss in my pocket for you!" Then she reaches in her pocket, grabs a "kiss", puts it on her lips, and then gives you a kiss. Sometimes you get "a big one," and others it is "just a tiny one." This morning I was privileged enough to get " lobbery one!" She is a goober, but we sure do love her! She's a keeper!


Grandma Charlene said...

ok now don't make her use all the kisses on you. You have to save a few for the grandparents too you know!

Jenni Belew said...

Oh my.. It sounds like I need to bring some strawberries and Pypee will give me some kisses!!! too sweet.. I love the blog, pics of Hannah and all the stuff I have missed cuz I have been to busy to read dangit.. I am all caught up now tho.. Weeehhh

The Gordons said...

Just you just love these type of days... Makes all the hair pulling all worth it!