Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun at the Park

On Friday, Grandma Sue came and took Hannah, Seth, and Lyra to her house for a sleepover. That meant that it was just me 'n Pypee at home. We decided that we wanted to play as well, so Aunt Loopy and Rand came over and we went down to the park, since it was FINALLY a sunshiny day! We had a great time! Rand LOVED the tall steep slide and would lift his feet up to slide down it faster. We did coax Pyper down it once, but she deemed it "to scary" to go down again! She just slid down the "yiddow ones, cause I'm yiddow." Pyper could not swing high enough, but Rand would only swing for about a minute and then he had to get out of the swing! It was fun to watch them play and figure things out together! Thanks for the fun afternoon guys!


Laura and Dustin said...

We had so much fun!! It is so awesome to see the differences and similarites between those two! I love how well they play-Thanks for everything! You Rock! By the way I love your Camera!!!