Thursday, April 24, 2008


AAAUGH! I am having some MAJOR trauma! Now, don't freak out, no one is dead, maimed, or in any other way hurt or ill. It's not that kind of trauma. This would be the "I'm not ready for my kid to be this old" kind of trauma. My sweet little Hannah has a "boyfriend." You know, the boyfriend that you sit by at lunch, hold hands with, DO NOT kiss because it's not allowed, and tee-hee with all your girlfriends about for about 2 weeks when you both find a different "one and only."

I just don't know if I am big enough to handle havng a kid this old! She was not suppose to grow up until I was ready for it, and trust me, I was going to be at least 80 before that happened! Can you believe that she CALLS HIM ON THE PHONE and TEXT MESSAGES HIM!!! I AM NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR THIS!!!! I had just barely almost gotten used to the idea that she will be in Young Womens in September. Now I have to deal with the fact that boys are not as gross as they once were (which I was more than happy to encourage!).

When is she going to see that she has to wait until I am ready for her to be this old before she can be? She didn't even ask what I thought of her growing up, she just DID it! *Sigh* I guess that it is about time for me to decide that she is going to grow up, whether I am ready for it or not, but that doesn't mean that I am going to be one bit happy about it!!! Someday, I may decide that I am big enough for this, but today is just not that day! How's that "Shrinking Machine" coming Jenni? I could sure use it!


The Gordons said...

I was waiting for her turn... Sounds like it's time to get that shot gun you were talking about!

Laura and Dustin said...

That girl!! What are you going to do? I do not envy you for the next 16 or so years--until Pyper is eighteen!! I feel bad for you because this is only the begining-you have three gorgeous heartbreakers on your hands!!!

Jenni Belew said...

Oh Tonya.. I am laughing and crying all at the same time right now!!! Poor you.. I know how you feel.. We are still so young... I haven't had puter for awhile with the move so I just got caught up on your blog, it was good to catch up.. I am sorry Hannah is getting so big, I feel the same way about Dustin.. It goes by too fast.. About the shrinking machine, maybe you should come to Cali so we can use it on her.. Whatever it takes for you too visit dangit!!! Muah