Friday, September 17, 2010

It's been a while

...since I've posted a Pyperism. I think that sometimes, as much as I love that gal, her mouth just makes me crazy. It goes NONSTOP! (She has rechargeable batteries, remember.)

But this one was too funny, and I wanted to remember it! A little background info...

Pyper loved being three. I don't know why. If you ask her what her favorite age is, she will tell you "Thwee!" I also just found out about Freecycle, a great way to get rid of junk treasures I will never use again. I found someone who needed a jogger stroller, and I just happened to have one laying around that my FIVE YEAR OLD hasn't used in a while! We arranged a time to meet and her to get it from me, then I loaded it in the back of my truck so I didn't forget it.

While I was dusting it off, Pyper says, "I weally like my stroller." I explained that she was too big for it, and that we were going to give it to another mommy to use for her baby.

She replied, "I wish I was thwee, I could still ride in my stroller when I was thwee." (I'm almost certain she hasn't ridden in the stroller for longer than that, but we'll go with it!) Once again, I explained she was too big now, but three was a fun age for her.

Next came, "I wish I didn't have my birtdays. Then I could still be thwee. If I just give all my presents back, then I won't have anymore birtdays and I will still be thwee!"

...*sigh*...If only it were that easy...I could be 25 again...


Laura and Dustin said...

She is too funny!! I love it!