Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time flies...

It wasn't long ago that this gal was heading off to preschool. Today she is 14. I can't believe how fast it happened. I blinked and here is this wonderful, kind, funny young lady. Hannah, I love you so much and am so glad you are my daughter. You keep life interesting and make sure we keep on laughing! Life is never boring with you around.

Here is a little video from her party tonight. We just had a few family members over for cake and ice cream. Grandma and Grandpa Webb send each of us the funnest candles for our birthday. I decided this time to record what it does. Well, lets just say, Hannah had an "issue" lighting it!

Don't worry, we checked out her hair and it wasn't singed!


The Gordons said...

Happy Birthday Hannah... Sorry I missed it yesterday!

Laura and Dustin said...

Thanks for the cake and ice cream!! It was a blast!!

Lorena England said...

How cool was that? And I have never seen a candle like that before. Where did they get it? My dad's turning 70 next month--I'd love to get something cool and unexpected like that for his cake.
Thanks for sharing the video!

Tonya said...

My parents send them through a card program, but I found some online that are the same thing... here's the website-

Have fun! And make sure he keeps his hair out of the way!! ;o)