Wednesday, September 15, 2010


When Pyper was very small, just a few weeks old, Aunt Cami gave her "Fannie" the elephant. She is Pyper's very best friend in the whole world. They have had many adventures together, and Pyper sleeps with her every single night. Fannie has went to numerous doctors and dentist appointments with Pyper, and she even went to "Bring a Friend to School" day at preschool last year.

Well, this summer, while we were on vacation, Fannie got left behind at the mall. I called the lost and found several times to see if she had been found, but no one had turned her in. Pyper was devastated. This isn't the first time that Fannie had been lost. She got left behind at the soccer field once, but eventually made her way back home (of course it was AFTER I found a replacement Fannie on Ebay! We had 2 for a while and one just mysteriously disappeared, more on that in a bit**.). Fannie is a Boyde's plush animal and was retired in 2004, so I knew this time my chances of finding another on Ebay were slim.

We went to Build A Bear and Pyper made a soft fuzzy bear, but it just wasn't the same as Fannie. I checked Ebay periodically, hoping I would be lucky enough to find another one.

One day, a package came in the mail for Pyper...

684 hours searching Ebay for "Fannie the elephant"+ $49.95 plus shipping+ seeing this smile = PRICELESS!!

**Not long after the "new" Fannie arrived in the mail, Hannah was at Grandma Charlene's house helping her change some sheets on the downstairs beds to get ready for some company. As she was tucking the blankets back down between the wall and the bed, she found the Fannie that had gotten lost mysteriously! And just for the record, Grandma Charlene DOES change the sheets on those beds, Fannie was just crammed REALLY far down between the wall and the bed!