Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pyper is 4!

So, this post was SUPPOSED to happen yesterday, but yesterday was ...well....a little hectic! (Thanks Aunt Loopy, Uncle Dustin, and Grandma Charlene!) So, as usual I am a day late and a dollar short!

Happy Birthday Pyper!

This girl is so fun! She is just the light in our home. She says and does the funniest things. Last week we were going to WalMart and she asked to be carried. I told her "OK, but do you know that once you turn four then it's against the rules for mom's to carry you anymore?" (Yeah, I'm evil. But I just LOVE to hear what she comes up with!) She stood there for just a second with a very ponderous look on her face. Then she announced, "Wewl, I am still thwee!" She was right, I carried her.
She has grown up so much over the past year, and mostly just the last few weeks! She loves to tag along with "her kids" and they are pretty good to take her most of the time. She gets "stinky" all the time and has to bathe at least twice every day! She is such a little princess. She loves poofy dresses and the color purple. She hates orange fruit snacks and loud noises. She wore a tutu everywhere we went yesterday. When people asked her why she was wearing a tutu, she replied "Because it's my birtday and I can!" I love her spunk and attitude!

Pyper, I hope you always twirl and dance your way through life. Don't forget to have fun!

And always take time to stop and smell the flowers! Happy Birthday, Tink. I love you!


Kari Webb said...

She is getting SO Big! She was pretty dang smart for a thwee year old. I can't wait to see what she comes up with now she is a four year old (with the extended cord). That is the cutest tutu ever!

L England said...

I love the twirly pic! What a cutie-pie.

I didn't love to carry Jax too much after two or three, but I sure hung on to the putting-him-in-the-shopping-cart-seat as long as's easier to shop that way. :o)

Tonya said...

I am with you on the shopping cart thing! Why don't they make those stupid leg holes bigger? :-)

Grandma Charlene said...

I wish I could wear what I wanted to on my birthday just because it is my birthday and I can. She is quite the cutie and very fun to listen too. Don't ever change tink. We love you just the way you are.